Artist Talk with Laura Anzola

Artist Talk with Laura Anzola

"Voices" offers an insightful exploration of migration complexities, paralleling the experiences of Calgary's immigrant community with the migrations of humpback whales. It reflects on the physical and emotional journeys, resilience, and adaptability shared by immigrants and these marine creatures.

The exhibition seeks to foster understanding, empathy, and meaningful dialogue. "Voices" promises an immersive experience, granting viewers a distinctive insight into the immigrant journey and prompting discussions on belonging and societal challenges.

In this Artist Talk, Laura Anzola and her collaborators (animators, sound designers, technicians) will discuss the creation of an immersive audiovisual installation, hand-drawn 4-channel video animations, and capturing the essence of relocation and adaptation, engagement with current debates on migration, climate change, and refugee situations.

About the Artist: Laura Anzola is a Colombian multimedia artist based in Calgary, known for her dynamic range in animation and projection techniques. Her work, encompassing traditional styles to live interactive video, delves into the intersection of technology and the arts. Laura's creations explore their impact on daily life, the human body, and physical and geographical borders. She aims to provide unique, experiential encounters that shift audience perspectives and highlight contemporary global issues.

WHEN: Thursday, February 8th, 2024 at 6:30PM

WHERE: EMMEDIA Main Space, 2005B 10 Ave SW, Calgary AB

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