Booking Space

To rent facilities, you must be an Artist Affiliate in good standing and demonstrate a sufficient level of competency. If you are currently an EMMEDIA Artist Affiliate, sign into your account and you’ll be able to view all our facility rentals here.

The Screening Room

Our Screening Room is a blacked-out space w/track lighting and a loading bay available to the artistic community and artist organizations for rental. Its uses range from an art exhibition venue to an experimental music concert hall.

The Gallery

Our Media Arts Gallery is a white room typically used for projection and installation based media art but has enough versatility that it's served as a production space, rehearsal room, and workshop venue.

The Editing Suites

Our two editing suites have been designed for quality sound and video production, with 5.1 master capabilities, 4K video editing, and vocal booth recording.

If you have specific technical questions regarding our space, contact Joe Kelly, Rentals Coordinator at: