Renting / Booking Questions

Why can't I see the rental pages?

You need to be logged in as an Artist Affiliate to view the rental pages.

What is the cost of renting equipment?

Pro-rated Billing Structure*:
2 consecutive days billed at 1.5 day rate
3 consecutive days billed at 2 day rate
4 consecutive days billed at 2.5 day rate
5 consecutive days billed at 3 day rate
6 consecutive days billed at 3.5 day rate
7 consecutive days billed at 4 day rate
30 consecutive days billed at 12 day rate

WEEKEND RENTALS (FRIDAY TO TUESDAY) ARE ALWAYS BILLED AT A 2 DAY RATE. Billable days include pick-up day but not drop-off day. Late returns will be billed an addition 1/2 day charge for the first 4 hours and an additional full day rate for each day thereafter.


Who can use / operate EMMEDIA equipment once it has been rented?

The Affiliate Artist renter shall not allow any person (other than EMMEDIA Affiliate Artists) to operate any of the equipment. The Artist Affiliate renter who rents the equipment is responsible for any damage incurred while in their possession. Artist Affiliate renters must NEVER, EVER leave equipment in their car or in a public area unsupervised.

When / how do I pay for my Equipment rental?

Rental fees are payable by e-transfer, debit, credit card, upon return of rental equipment.

Do I have to pay a security deposit to rent equipment?

Depending on the equipment that you are renting, there may be a security deposit in place for it. Security deposits range from $50 to $200 and must be paid before or at pickup of equipment.

What are the dimensions / capacity of your screening room?

Our screening room dimensions are 29’ x 21’ x 9.5’ and can comfortably fit 45 people with a max capacity of 50. If this is your first time renting EMMEDIA’s facilities, we recommend you book a viewing prior to reserving the desired space. You can contact the Interim Production Coordinator to set up this appointment.

What kind of equipment will I have access to in your screening room?

1 x Epson Epson LS12000 4K projector with remote.
2 x Yorkville YXL12P 12 Inch 1000 Watt Powered Loudspeakers with stands
Behringer MX602-A Portable 6-Channel Mixer
10 chairs ( more available with notice ) 
2 x Fold Out Tables

What does renting the screening room cost?

Production Rental Fee: $50/day
Event Rental Fee: $160 / day 

Event rentals are charged at $20/hour to compensate the facility supervisor that MUST be on site.

What is the difference between a Production Rental and a Event Rental of the screening room?

A Production Rental is defined as a rental consisting of only EMMEDIA Artist Affiliates working on a set project. This could be a film shoot, a private exhibition, or a private screening.

An Event Rental is defines as a rental that will have the public in attendance. This could be a public screening or exhibition advertised on social media or the like. An EMMEDIA facility supervisor will be present for your event to help facilitate.

Is there a damage deposit for the screening room?

EMMEDIA requires a damage deposit of $200.00 before the Rental Affiliate is provided an access code to the facility. The deposit will be held and returned at the end of the rental period assuming no damage (above and beyond normal wear and tear) has occurred.

How / When do I pay for my booking?

Damage deposit and booking fees are payable by debit, credit card, or Paypal. The security deposit must be paid at least 48 hours before the booking date. Booking fees are paid when the booking has been fulfilled.

Are there alternative spaces I can book at EMMEDIA?

EMMEDIA's facility has alternative spaces that can be booked depending on Artist Affiliate needs. If you would like to rent an alternative space at EMMEDIA, contact our Interim Rentals Coordinator at

I am logged in but can't see the rental pages, help!

Your account may have been suspended. Contact EMMEDIA's Interim Rentals Coordinator at to find out what can be done.


If you still have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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