Board profiles

Jean-René Leblanc

Jean-René Leblanc is an Associate Professor of Digital Arts at the University of Calgary in Canada. He is president of the board of Emmedia Gallery and Production Society and co-founder of the Sensorium Lab a cross-disciplinary research group focusing on research that develops systems of interaction that encourage kinaesthetic perception and interpretation.

Kathryn Blair

Kathryn Blair is a PhD student in the Computational Media Design program at the University of Calgary. Her work provides contexts in which people can explore the way our societies use algorithmic decision-making. She also creates wearable pieces exploring the relationship between the body and technology, and can often be caught scheming how to hack things to be controlled by EEG headsets or soldering into the dead of night. She has been a director on the EMMEDIA board since 2018 and serves on the HR Committee.

Phil Bowen

Philip Bowen first got involved with EMMEDIA over 20 years ago by taking a summer media arts course as a youth. Fast forward to today, and he currently works as a freelance Cinematographer/Videographer, in addition to his role as a Video Editor for Getty Images. Philip sits on the Board of Directors of EMMEDIA as the Production Committee Liaison.

Photo credit: Glen Co