Board profiles

Kathryn Blair

Kathryn Blair is a PhD student in the Computational Media Design program at the University of Calgary. Her work provides contexts in which people can explore the way our societies use algorithmic decision-making. She also creates wearable pieces exploring the relationship between the body and technology, and can often be caught scheming how to hack things to be controlled by EEG headsets or soldering into the dead of night. She has been a director on the EMMEDIA board since 2018 and serves on the HR Committee.

Phil Bowen

Philip Bowen first got involved with EMMEDIA over 20 years ago by taking a summer media arts course as a youth. Fast forward to today, and he currently works as a freelance Cinematographer/Videographer, in addition to his role as a Video Editor for Getty Images. Philip is the Vice President of the Board of Directors and the Production Committee Liaison for EMMEDIA.

Photo credit: Glen Co

Emmanuel Ho 

Emmanuel Ho is an experimental animator based out of Calgary, Alberta. He combines traditional animation techniques with digital media to create his own unique, thought-provoking, visual language. His current interests involve exploring VR/AR, interactive narrative, and experimental FMV videogames. He joined the EMMEDIA board in 2022, and is our current Secretary.


Chris Kerich

Chris Kerich is a PhD student and artist interested in the ideology of digital systems. He is currently finishing the writing of his dissertation at the University of California, Santa Cruz which focuses on the different political affordances of “game infrastructure”, which include things like physics systems, polygonal modeling, and procedural generation. His artwork often functions as the concrete corollary to his written work, and has been exhibited across the world. Chris’ work has shown in Boston, Toronto, San Francisco, and Milan in various festivals and exhibitions. Most notably, Chris’ work has also been shown in Austria as a part of Ars Electronica, the largest digital arts festival in the world. His latest work is Three Impossible Worlds, a set of Minecraft mods illustrating anti-colonial ways of reforming Minecraft’s world. Chris joined the board in 2022 and is our current Treasurer.

Cindy Christensen 

Cindy is a Ph.D. student in Digital Media and an emerging multimedia artist who is interested in exploring human relationships, as well as societal problems relating to generational trauma, poverty, domestic violence, and more. For the past decade she has worked in the United States and Europe in the areas of video production, script writing, and producing. Recently, she returned to Canada to develop more meaningful and personal stories through various creative projects.

Bryce Maruk 

Bryce Maruk is a content creator and musician with a passion for analog media, including VHS, vintage video games, and vinyl records. Her extensive vinyl collection is the focal point of the Tiktok account, Locked Groove, which attracts a passionate global audience of music lovers. Having previously served as EMMEDIA’s Production Director from 2015-2018, she brings institutional knowledge to her role as HR Liason. 

Arya Boustani 

Arya has been an audiovisual producer and editor with niche in sound design since 2004. He has been active in varieties of community-based art and social justice initiatives for many years. He has collaborated with a few not-for-profit organizations for audiovisual setup and operation for the events, and media creation for publicity in their social media channels and websites.

Nick Nolan

Nick is a PhD student studying public policy. Outside of his interest in politics, Nick has experience as a writer and editor for private companies, newspapers in Canada and the US as well as for the United Nations. His writing interests include religion, nationalism and other forces that shape our identities and the places we call home.

Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is a Toronto-based self proclaimed Famous New Media Artist. "Since the early noughties Bailey has plowed a compelling, and often hilarious, road through the various developments of digital communications technologies." (Morgan Quiantance, Rhizome) Bailey has performed and exhibited all over the world, from bathrooms in Buffalo to museums in Moscow.


Floyd Black Horse is an educated and trained journalist, receiving his Journalism degree in 2021 and completing film and television training in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the National Screen Institute of Canada (NSI) in 2010-2011: New Voices (CBC New Voices) and Journalism pilot program. He spent the majority of his high school years in Communication classes, taking a variety of multi-media and film photography courses. In 2022-2023, he is currently Media Coordinator at the monthly Aitsiniki newspaper, Siksika Nation’s Most Trusted News source, and the Nation’s Station, CFXX104.7 FM, promoting language and cultural programming, working for the Siksika Nation Tribal Administration (SNTA) in Siksika, Alberta, Canada. As part of his volunteerism in the arts community, he sits on the 2022-2023 Emmedia Board of Directors and is a member and contributing writer on FOLD Online Publication’s Editorial Committee.