Screening Night

Screening Night

Photo courtesy of Alexander Depuis

screening night featuring artists from the national accessarts centre

Join us for a curated screening night of 10 short films, videos and animations created by national and international artists, in partnership with the National accessArts Centre, whose artists showcase original and personal films, covering different artforms, such as dance, performance, music and fibre arts, and various genres. The National accessArts Centre is the largest disability arts organization in Canada, and advocates for prominent and valued representation of the disability community in our arts and culture scene.

International artists Hermann Kayode, Alexander Depuis, and more showcase animation, music videos, collage and a variety of experimentation on film.

Post-screening, join us to see the interactive installations of Mackenzie Bedford, Kurtis Lesick and Hesam Ohadi at TELUS Spark's Feature Gallery.


Screening Night will feature films:

"Re: Tera Forming" Vol.1 by Paul Brain

A contemporary neural reformation project powered by Brainstronaut.

Musical Canvas by Alicia Morrison

Multidisciplinary artist Alicia Morrison combines various aspects of her art practice into this digital video work, laying her drawing, dancing, writing, and sound composition to share her most beautiful vision of creativity.

Exquisite Magpie Language in the Butterfly Garden by Rachel Harding, Karin Hazel, Jonathan Stel, JorDen Tyson

A virtual collage created as a part of the Conference of the Birds program at the National accessArts Centre. Representing Canada on an international stage at COP26 in Glasgow, the artists in this program explored perspectives on climate change and ecological grief from a disability lens. In this video, the artists represent ideas of community, reciprocity, and importance of relationships.

REBORN - Dancing with Wind by Meg Ohsada

Wind carries hope, and it will never be extinguished. Even in the worst destruction, the earth comes back with wisdom and courage. Wrapped by my heritage, given the place to dance, I'm strong, serene and hopeful. I am grateful to stand on the traditional land and be allowed to share my culture and learning there.

Purple Flames by Kathy M. Austin

In confronting her fear of fire, Kathy M. Austin used a poem she wrote in 2003, a painting she’d made around the same time, and a diorama she created to demonstrate that she could endure fire and dance through it if the flames were cool and a flowery purple.

Nocturne by Alexander Depuis

Nocturne takes a dreamy audiovisual journey that is equal parts animated op art and sci-fi cartoon. Propelled by the music of Kirsten Volness and Blevin Blectum, Nocturne follows its silent protagonist in search of an elusive piano, traversing worlds populated by illusory architecture, synaesthetic physics, and an exceptionally large American bushtit.

Lightfall by Hermann Kayode

LightFall is an experimental animated video and battle-centered, also the stars humanized constellation featured in the movie are the Geminies.

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screening night featuring artists from the national accessarts centre

March 9th, 2024 7PM to 10PM

WHERE: TELUS Spark Science Centre, 220 Saint George's Drive Northeast Calgary, AB T2E5T2

$20 ticket - Parking included

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