Volunteering with EMMEDIA is a great way to support the local arts community, gain experience working in an artist-run-centre, and to meet new people!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are an integral part of our centre, helping EMMEDIA hold our events and activities. The hours are flexible, and a variety of positions are available. Some volunteer positions are for single events (fundraising events and opening receptions), while others require a longer-term commitment (sorting and cataloguing archival materials).


If you would like to volunteer, contact Emma Brockelbank, Production Director at:



Current Volunteer Positions


  • Gear Inventory and Maintenance (short term): Get acquainted with EMMEDIA's equipment/facilities and learn all about industry standard technology, what it is, how to access it, and how to use it. *Participants will get access to EMMEDIA equipment and facilities during their volunteer hours*
  • Twitch Moderator (short term): EMMEDIA is always looking for moderators for our monthly Twitch live streams. Help us manage the live chat and keep it fun and fresh.
  • Discord Moderator (long term): Get to know our Media Arts community by keeping up with the EMMEDIA Discord server. Help us create a healthy, supportive environment where artists will feel energized and engaged.