Laura Anzola's Voices

Laura Anzola's Voices


WHEN: January 12- February 24, 2024

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12-6PM

Opening Reception: Friday, January 12, 6-9PM

Artist Talk: Thursday, February 8, 6:30PM

WHERE: EMMEDIA Main Space, 2005B 10 Ave SW, Calgary AB


Voices is an immersive exhibition that explores the complexities of migration, drawing parallels between the journeys of Calgary's immigrant community and the vast migrations of humpback whales. These whales are known for their extensive, arduous migrations, covering 16,000 kilometers annually. This metaphor highlights both the physical and emotional distances traversed and the resilience and adaptability of both immigrants and these majestic marine giants.

The installation presents firsthand narratives from Calgary's immigrant community, transmitted through eight ceiling-hung speakers. These heartfelt personal testimonies, rich with dreams, aspirations, and family bonds, are interwoven with an original surround sound composition, forming a 'sonic constellation' that echoes the complex communication patterns of humpback whales. Enhancing the soundscape, hand-drawn animations are projected onto the walls, depicting poignant and reflective moments. These illustrations capture the intersecting paths, challenges, and transformative experiences of relocation and adaptation – a shared journey in the quest for belonging.

Voices aims to humanize the immigrant journey, shedding light on the complexities of fitting in, otherness, identity shifts, and imbalances inherent in migration. It addresses the intricate interplay of geographical, social, and linguistic boundaries – the challenge of being both unable to understand and be understood – that immigrants navigate.

Moreover, the project engages with the pressing contemporary debates on migration, heightened by the urgency of refugee crises and the increasing impacts of climate change on displacement. As many Western countries gravitate towards isolationist policies, often overlooking the privilege of mobility, Voices shines a critical light on the power disparities caused by international boundaries. This exhibition explores the unseen lines that dictate our lives, the significance of finding stillness amidst movement, and the constant effort to construct and reconstruct one’s sense of self and space.

Voices aspires to bridge gaps in understanding, fostering empathy and deeper comprehension. The project seeks to make the world feel a little smaller, boundaries blurrier, and inspire conversations for meaningful connections. This exhibition invites spectators to explore the ongoing quest to define and redefine identity and home, reminding us that we are all in search of our unique frequency in a vast, moving world. 


Thank you to our funders Canada Council for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development and Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

New Media artist Laura Anzola examines and critiques the impact of technology on our daily lives and bodies, corporeal gestures, and global mobility, through unconventional applications of tech – adapted, hacked, and transformed.  Her work often casts a skeptical eye on global societal issues using visual storytelling and interactive media. Her current project, Blue Borders, explores notions of home, identity, privilege and belonging. Laura’s work has been shown in multiple galleries and public spaces in Colombia, Germany, and Canada.

Instagram: @laura.anzola.g