Performance Night

One night only! Join us for an evening of experimental performances by Tasman Richardson, Oscill8 and Meghana Iyer in an unforgettable sequence that will have you feeling transcendent. Taking place in the beautiful Loophole Coffee space, no words can properly describe how being there will make you feel. 

Saturday, April 22, 2023, 8PM-12AM

Loophole Coffee Bar

1040 8 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2P 1J2

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Tasman Richardson, Timelords

Hundreds of video clips are composited in real-time and triggered by MIDI notes. Together, they form a musical collage of theatrical depictions of recording both literal and metaphorical. The Moments to be shared, manipulated, and stored act as a form of time travel. Sampled from cinema, broadcast television, home video, DVD, and YouTube. All sounds are entirely made by the source video clips.


​The Oscill8 Collective

​The Oscill8 Collective was founded in 2017, and is a registed non-profit society listed as the Oscill8 Electronic Performing Arts Society.  It is comprised of mainly Alberta-based live electronic musicians and visual artists to promote and encourage the live electronic music and visual arts community. They aim to support, encourage, and inspire new artists, create and participate in tutorials and educational workshops, and enable live music events for local and touring live performing artists


Meghana Iyer

Meghana Iyer is a current third-year Time-Based Media Arts student at Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, Alberta. She primarily uses digital mediums such as cut-out animation and analog-based experimental video art. Meghana is an avid skateboarder and it acts as a source of inspiration for many of her works. She strives to mesh both worlds of skateboarding and video art to convey her unique and personal perspective.