Group Exhibition

Consisting of works by fifteen different artists from across the world, this year’s group exhibition features work to incite wonder and curiosity. Engage with interactive art, kinetic sculpture, augmented reality, projection, and so much more!

Be sure to join us at our opening reception for and evening of food, drink, and mingling.

Opening Night

Free admission, all ages welcome

Friday, April 21, 2023, 6PM-10PM

EMMEDIA Gallery, 2005B 10 Ave SW, T3C 0K7


Audrey Burch, Symbiosities();

Symbiosities(); provides you the opportunity to navigate a shared space with a robotic artform that ‘feels you’ and responds to your movements with sympathetic mannerisms. Creating and making room for both ‘organisms’ can build our own awareness in complex systems, and develop a kindness for the ‘other’ - i.e. the robotic artform hanging out in this room! It is the creators dream that humanity will find a collaborative and respectful existence within all systems and spaces we become a part of, regardless of our hierarchical relationship to them.

Emmanuel Ho, Attribution Wars

The auteur theory posits that a single individual, the director, wields ultimate control over the aesthetic and creative aspects of a film. However, it is widely acknowledged that the production of a film involves contributions from a large number of individuals. This art project contemplates the impact of these various contributions by randomly rearranging the top billed credits in a film's end credit sequence.


Jaqueline Huskisson, Eccentric Panels

Eccentric Panels is an experimentation with AR, animation and painting to push the boundaries of narration. Three works laid out like a comic page, the narrative delves into the uncanny, and allows for the potential of more than one story. 


Jose Macasinag, Passages

Passages is an interactive video installation that visualizes human impacts within natural environments. Viewers of this installation see an alternate rendering of the Hoodoo's that can only be observed while standing still. Any form of activity would cause the rock formations to be displaced only to reform moments later. These rock formations found in Drumheller are almost all publicly accessible, most of which take hundreds of years to form but only takes seconds to break.


Kara Stone, UnearthU

UnearthU is an experimental durational interactive story and app exploring technology and wellness. It first advertises itself as a one week program "designed to support you in living your life on the highest plane of existence." KARE, the Artificial Intelligence system, will guide you through a self-discovery program. She is designed to be your personal life coach, dispensing mindful exercises, guided reflections, and lectures. But as the game progresses, the goals and methods of achieving them are questioned and the narrative takes a surprising direction.


Laura Anzola + Matthew Waddell, GLUV

GLUV casts a withering eye on the insidious corporate contamination of, and control over, digital space, where users are seduced into forfeiting personal information – including intimate biomedical details – for the reward of purportedly “free,” and increasingly indispensable services. Rather than selling us a specific product, we ourselves are willingly being turned into one.


Luigi Pulido, Parched

Parched is a new-media installation that revives and reanimates, through a DIY motion capture rig, the verification photo the artist took during their Canadian citizenship test, injecting personality and humanity back into the image. Throughout the video, the verification photo explores an imagined account of ordering bubble tea after the test and the many ways that our identity is mediated through formal bureaucratic structures of citizenship.


Mantis Mei, White Space

White Space explores the transactional and disposable nature of the graphic design world, especially towards People of Colour. On demand, the body of the receipt printer spits out a portion of the essay written on this topic along with a QR code that links to a digital version of the writing for ease of accessibility.


Mohammad Ali Famori, Merkabah

The highest layer of heaven has seven stages, and in the highest stage is the Throne of God, which is surrounded by angels. The followers of Merkabah mysticism believed that they could ascend and ascend from these layers of paradise. It is not clear whether these ascension experiences have Jewish origins or non-Jewish sources. This work depicts the six days of the spiritual path in the discovery of creation before the seventh day.


Sandrine Deumier, Beyond Matter

A virtual environment composed of 20 interactive scenes, this work is a dive into an artificial universe where different kingdoms of living things are related. Intermingling animal orchids and mineral matter in expansion, fungal forms in mutation, plant embryos and hybrid residues in fusion, this work questions our capacity to perceive the living world as a complex entity, hybrid and in permanent interaction.


Tasman Richardson, Reality Bites

"Reality Bites", originated from the title of a 1994 American romantic comedy-drama film, refers to the challenges and difficulties of facing reality, particularly in contrast to idealized or escapist alternatives. It implies that the real world can be harsh, frustrating, or disappointing, and that it can be tempting to seek refuge in other realms that offer a more pleasant or manageable experience.


Tough Guy Mountain (Cat Bluemke, Iain Soder + Jonathan Carroll), Intern Testing Facility

Intern Testing Facility is an interactive narrative game exploring the universe of Tough Guy Mountain, where audiences try their best to get to the very top of the bottom of the corporate ladder. Navigate the fever dream of late capitalism through character dialogue as you encounter industrious interns, malevolent mini-mountains, and wispy wayfinders. Using the figure of the intern as a personification of the artist’s relationship to their (often unpaid) work, the TGM collective creates interactive and performative new media projects with the intern center-stage