What is Visualism?

What is Visualism?

Have you ever been to a music concert where there was a feed of bouncing visuals moving to the sound? Those visuals are often created live by VJ's or visualists, media artists that work with live feed programs to create images to accompany a sound source. Kaely Dekker happens to be one of those visualists and in this stream will show you the program he uses to make his stunning media artworks.

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About the Presenter

A visual artist working in live cinema, photography, and filmmaking, Kaely uses analog and digital technology to create static and performance driven media works as well as video design for theatre. Utilizing footage shot around the world and sampling our vast cultural heritage of time-based visual media, Kaely constructs evolving visual compositions which react to and envisage the shape, texture, contrast, and colours of the music they accompany. Working with local and international musical artists, Kaely has crafted live cinema installations at arts and music festivals, galleries, and night clubs here in western Canada (The High Performance Rodeo, Motion Notion, Inshala, FozzyFest, Mad Hatter) and further afield in Thailand (Infinity in Koh Tao) and Sweden (Kulturnatta in Göteborg). Other time-based media work includes the short film Genau (Exactly) (screened at the 2012 Night of Festivals in Nottingham, U.K.) and projection design for live theatre including n00b (nominated for the Bettie Mitchell award for Outstanding Projection Design), Around the World in 80 Days, i-ROBOT Theatre, Panic, Double Indemnity, Polygraph, and Summer in the City. Kaely is also a member of the audio/visual artist collective Lo Definition, whose goal is showcasing integrated multi-media performance and supporting audio and contemporary visual arts in Calgary through events such as PixelMash, the first video-riot and new-media arts exhibition in the city, and through educational outreach to all ages. See his work at: http://vimeo.com/snailpainter 


April 22th, 2021
5PM - 7PM


Kaely Dekker