What is Visualism?

What is Visualism?

Have you ever been to a music concert where there was a feed of bouncing visuals moving to the sound? Those visuals are often created live by VJ's or visualists, media artists that work with live feed programs to create images to accompany a sound source. MODAL happens to be one of those visualists and in this stream will show you the program they use to make their stunning media artworks.

stream schedule

  1. What visuals are
  2. A brief history of visualism
  3. Display spaces
  4. An interactive how-to

About the Presenter

Video is the medium, pixels the delivery mechanism, and music the inspiration and drive for MODAL. Sampling the world using photography, video, and animation, this visualist works to lend shape and texture, in real time visual/audio performance collaborations, to soundscapes delivered in social/art/dance spaces. MODAL is a part of the Lo Definition, BowWave, and Oscill8 artist collectives here in Calgary and has performed at festivals, galleries, theatres, and venues in Canada, Europe, and Asia.




April 22th, 2021
5PM - 7PM