What is<br/>Projection Mapping?

What is
Projection Mapping?

Matthew Waddell and Laura Anzola (AZMA Digital) bring EMMEDIA and company through the media art form known as projection mapping, the practice of projecting images onto unusual and interesting objects. In this two hour stream broadcast from the AZMA Digital workspace, we'll get to see what it takes to make a projection come to life through Waddell and Anzola's past works and a special exhibition of a new live creation.

Streaming Schedule

  1. Intro to projection mapping: Take a little tour through history and see how projection mapping came to be. What inspired it? Who is doing it? Where is it heading?
  2. Technical Presentation: Get a glimpse at what it takes to projection map; see the programs that are used and how it all works.
  3. Showcase: Tune in for a presentation of some of AZMA Digital's projection mapping pieces.

About the Presenter

Axis-Z Media Arts (AZMA) is a Calgary-based artistic collective interested in creating genre-blurring digital art experiences that step outside the confines of the rectangular screen and into the real world. Our work combines elements of projection mapping, interactive installation, animation, and sound with a focus on artistic detail, technical execution and audience inclusion.

We bring together media artists, musicians, designers, and technical specialists from our home countries of Canada and Colombia to work on engaging projects that are fun to create and even more fun to experience. This type of cross-disciplinary collaboration allows us to constantly question our views and contributes to new discoveries and boundary-pushing ideas.

We understand that the world is shifting to a digital era where the lines between the real and virtual are hard to distinguish. Our aim is to engage this rapidly changing ecosystem with a sense of curiosity and wonder while constantly questioning the consequences it has on our lives.

Check out AZMA's website to see their most recent work: https://azmadigital.com/


October 22nd, 2020
5PM - 7PM


AZMA Digital