What is Musical Media Art?

What is Musical Media Art?

Evangelos is a media artist and musician always at the forefront of artistic experimentation. With this in mind, he has created a new media art piece that will give us a look into what musical media art is and what it takes to create a synced experience between video and sound.

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About the Presenter

Corinthian aka Evangelos is the head of Deep Sea Mining Syndicate an experimental electronic label based out of Calgary. He is also one half of Calgary's ambient experimental group Sanctums, 5 years resident DJ and co-founder of the 80's and 90's hiphop night Natural Selection, and dedicated hardware techno artist. Evangelos has performed at many stages such as Mutek in in Montreal, Shambhala in Salmo, Sled Island and many others.


December 3rd, 2020
5PM - 7PM


Evangelos Lambrinoudis