What is Glitch Media?

What is Glitch Media?

Notfortheireyes, or as we know him, Evan Pearce, will be showcasing some of the great work he's been doing in glitch media. Glitch media is a form of media art that uses computer "mistakes" to create wild and amazing images. Get to know the programs and processes used to do this and get ready to be entertained.

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About the Presenter

Notfortheireyes is Evan Pearce: VJ, New Media Artist, and Creative Director. Evan has performed all over North America and Europe, including Nuit Blanche Edmonton, Berlin Psych Fest, Sled Island, New Forms Festival, Levitation Vancouver and MUTEK San Francisco: NEXUS Experience. In 2018, he designed the live visuals for Gus Dapperton and Beshken’s North American tour, travelling with them as their live VJ from coast to coast. Evan is constantly creating new niches within his art and productions; from music videos to large scale visual installations.


March 4th, 2021
5PM - 7PM


Evan Pearce