What is Glitch Media?

What is Glitch Media?

Evan Pearce and Joshua Tokarsky of Ommatidium Studios explain their workflow working within the extended reality space. Pearce explains the creation of digital textures to be used in CG applications through the use of glitch art techniques and machine learning, while Tokarsky shares insight on the workflow between reality and the computer generated world, as well as various techniques regarding the simulation of realistic physical objects and lights.

Streaming schedule

This stream will cover:

  1. Shot considerations when shooting real-world footage to be used with CG elements.
  2. Camera tracking techniques and pitfall.
  3. Working with tracked elements in CG software.
  4. Utilizing render passes within CG software.
  5. Simulating both shadows and reflections of CG objects in real-world footage.
  6. Basic compositing workflow.
  7. Mobilizing ML and glitch software to create textures to be used in CG settings.

This stream is designed to be as accessible as possible, focusing primarily on software which is free or outlining workflows which are easily replicable in free software.

About the Presenter

Notfortheireyes is Evan Pearce: VJ, New Media Artist, and Creative Director. Evan has performed all over North America and Europe, including Nuit Blanche Edmonton, Berlin Psych Fest, Sled Island, New Forms Festival, Levitation Vancouver and MUTEK San Francisco: NEXUS Experience. In 2018, he designed the live visuals for Gus Dapperton and Beshken’s North American tour, travelling with them as their live VJ from coast to coast. Evan is constantly creating new niches within his art and productions; from music videos to large scale visual installations.


March 11th, 2021
5PM - 7PM


Ommatidium Studios
(Evan Pearce and Joshua Tokarsky)