What is Experimental Film?

What is Experimental Film?

As an experimental filmmaker, Andrés' process crosses the divide between media art and traditional film which puts him in an avenue all his own. Take a look at his creative process, watch his most recent works, and get to know the Super 8 format.

Stream Schedule

  1. An introduction to experimental film, film as a medium, and what you can do with it
  2. A closer look at 3 of Andrés' pieces
  3. An overview of Andrés' creative process
  4. A chance to ask questions

About the Presenter

Andrés Porras is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and overall storyteller based out of Calgary, Alberta.  He's shot several projects on Super 8 film and has had his work featured in publications such as Analog Cookbook and Seites. He's currently working on a modern retelling of the classic War of the Worlds which will be shot on 16mm film.



January 16th, 2021
5PM - 7PM


Andrés Porras