What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality?

Tyler has been a staple of the animation and AR community in Calgary for some time, creating interactive installations for EMMEDIA during our Spectral Illuminations program. Now he is back with a new augmented reality piece to showcase. If you have ever been interested in AR, Tyler's work is a great place to start getting into the medium.

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About the Presenter

Tyler Klein Longmire is an animator and theatre-maker based in Calgary, AB. He has worked as the Production Director at the Quickdraw Animation Society, an artist-run centre for independent animators, and is a founding member of the experimental performance collective Humble Wonder Theatre. His practice attempts to explore the spaces where animated film, performance, technology, and his communities can intersect. Animation and theatre serve as the twin poles of his work, with some wild fluctuations in between them depending on what’s keeping him up at night. His projects have spanned the gamut of both traditional and experimental theatre, to animated film, installations, projection design, live video, virtual reality, comics and illustration.


February 4th, 2021
5PM - 7PM


Tyler Longmire