Making Queer Media Art

Making Queer Media Art

Cinema is one of the most common forms of media art and a significant way that queer people communicate and share experiences. In this livestream series, Emma Brockelbank and our special guest Katie Wackett will lead participants through an introduction to Queer Cinema techniques and themes. How are queer stories told, and what makes queer films good? Through providing a base knowledge of commonly utilized techniques in queer cinema history, they hope to provide Fairy Tales artists with the tools to realize their queer cinematic visions.

stream schedule

1st Live Stream: Intro to Queer Cinema Techniques- In this livestream, you will learn basic filmmaking techniques i.e. camera work, lighting, sound, post-production.

2nd Live Stream: Queer Cinema Motifs- This livestream will cover artistic choices made by queer filmmakers, how these artists communicate themes via cinematic form, and more detailed demonstrations of these filmmaking techniques.

About the Presenter

Emma Brockelbank is a Queer, non-binary, and mixed-race multidisciplinary artist based in Calgary. Emma graduated with honors from the SAIT Film & Video Production program and currently works as the Production Director at EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society. Emma’s artistic practice centers on experience-based pieces, including tattooing, projection mapping, filmmaking, and sculptural construction.



Saturday May 22nd, 2021
Saturday May 29th, 2021
4PM - 5PM


Emma Brockelbank
Special Guest: Katie Wackett



About our partner

Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival is one of the programs delivered by the Calgary Queer Arts Society. CQAS is a nonprofit organization located in Calgary, Alberta that exists to give voice to queer people and their stories.