Illuminating Narratives - (Projection Mapping Series Vol 2)

Are you interested in exploring your narrative with Projection mapping? Looking for new and innovative ways to explore your art with this illuminating medium? 

Illuminating Narratives approaches projection mapping through the lens of comics and narrative. Following a brief history of fine art projection-mapping, learn how to:

  • break down your ideas through storyboarding 
  • integrate the concept of place into your projects 
  • tell a compelling narrative

Bring it all together with a MadMapper demo and play time at the end! 

Participant Requirements: Computer, ideas, and drawing instruments (sketchbooks pens, paper, pencils etc.) Installed Madmapper, a free demo version available on the madmapper website,

Highly encourage participants to take Mackenzie’s Workshop beforehand.

Instructor: Jacqueline Huskisson (She/Her)

My name is Jacqueline Huskisson, and I am a visual artist currently located in Calgary, Alberta. In 2011 I received a BFA in print media from the Alberta College of Art and Design (Now AU Arts.) In 2017 I received my MFA in studio arts from the Belfast School of Art in Northern Ireland. I work primarily with printmaking, painting, comics, and media arts. While I work within all these mediums, I primarily consider myself a “comic” artist. Majority of my practice relies on narratives, abstract or linear. While I make my artworks I divide them into panels, either within the canvas or exploding out of it, using comics theory to go beyond a book format to bring new alternatives to narrative. I focus on telling narratives of the human body, illness, and the human form’s relation to its surroundings. 

Insta @jacqueline_huskisson   


WHERE: EMMEDIA Main Space, 2005B 10 Ave SW

WHEN: Sunday, August 13, 1-5PM