Particle + Wave 2022 Film Screening

Particle + Wave 2022 Film Screening

Join us as we screen the films selected for the 2022 Particle + Wave Festival on March 26th, at Contemporary Calgary.
Doors at 7pm, Screening at 8pm.
Contemporary Calgary: 701 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2C4
Plus, join us after for a Shadow Bombing Workshop/Tour with Bryan Faubert, starting in front of Contemporary Calgary and ending at his public light installation.
This is a free event. 
Poster by Trey Madsen
The Particle +Wave Festival is an annual media arts festival held by EMMEDIA which consists of exhibitions, screenings and an audiovisual performance by local, national and international media artists at multiple art venues around Calgary, Alberta.
In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge that this event takes place in the traditional territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), the Tsuut’ina, the Îyâxe Nakoda Nations, the Métis Nation (Region 3), and all people who make their homes in the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta.

art clipe + seaw


Director Biography - Lon Alexander Parker

B46d719d96 headshot

Lon Parker is a Calgary-born multi-media artist with over 35 years experience in the arts and culture industry as an actor and director for stage and video, writer and media/visual artist and video production specialist. Mr. Parker is the past-President of EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society(2001-2013) and co-owner of VideoLinks, a boutique video production company(2000-2006). His most recent work includes the short film TRENCH(2012) screened during the 2012 Particle And Wave Festival hosted by EMMEDIA. In 2016 Mr. Parker created and produced Galerie Graf:DADA a multi-media performance, book launch and gallery show. His latest project was the solo gallery show The Art of Lon Parker hosted at cSpace King Edward OCT 1-31 2019.


Director Statement:

I avoid full abstraction but rather prefer to build on a narrative. Narratives which change and evolve as the visual story on the canvas reveals itself. Layers painted over layers, attacks and retreats, questions sometimes without answers. Books, music, theatre, history and life all providing inspiration, allowing a work to be what it tells me it wants to be. The work must be free to be what it is within its own universe. On its own terms. They are not mirrors but exist for their own sake, in their time. They are not pamphlets. All of their soul, chaos and seduction, the intent is to look inside at its defining moment. The Story that is written. The viewer, now, perceives and reads from their own life. Between the two – a new language.

art clipe + saew looks deep into the particles of a painted work and reflects on the experiential wave. The words spoken, recorded on a cellular phone, are a new language built from a chance reordering for the original English text. The piano, recorded live and digitally edited from numerous tracks. The painting, acrylic on board.


Country of Origin: Canada

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mantras vol.1

Director Biography - Sarah Koury
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Sarah is a photographer and interdisciplinary artist based in Calgary, AB. She is known for her cinematic portraiture and experimental visual art. She explores light, color, atmosphere and negative space. She has spent the majority of her career in the music industry, working with many artists, labels, events, festivals and brands worldwide. She is a part-time yoga teacher, a practice that has permeated her creative work with mindful intention. In her spare time, she likes to immerse herself in nature, the mountains and outdoor adventures.

Director Statement

Mantras is an ongoing exploration in art, music and mindfulness. Take a deep breathe.


Country of Origin: Canada

Screenshot 2022 02 16 095240

Urban Coyote

Director Biography - Andres Porras
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Andrés Porras is a freelance videographer and photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta. He's creatively driven to work with analog mediums because of the tangibility and rawness that they provide.

He's shot several projects on Super 8 film and is working on 16mm projects in the future that will take advantage of Kodak's newly revived Ektachrome stock. He also composes his own soundtracks and features spoken-word components in his films.

Director Statement

Urban Coyote is my first creative work with a call to action. I reached into the docu-narrative genre in order to achieve a more accurate version of the Truth.

The footage was captured in a residential are that I discovered after seeing a news story about a coyote den. When creating the soundtrack and spoken-word narration I evoked disjointed and sometimes arhythmic patterns that throw the audience off-balance.

My hope is that after seeing the footage people will be more considerate about coyotes and take action to better co-exist with them.


Country of Origin: Canada

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Director Biography - Philippe Safire

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Philippe Safire is a French-Armenian visual artist living and working in New York City. His recent animations and art installations have been exhibited at LACDA, ArtsWestchester Gallery, REVERSE Gallery, BeaconArts, Garrison Art Center, New York University, and the Center for the Digital Arts. Recent public art includes BeaconArts. Recent commissions include ArtsWestchester. His work has been featured in VICE Magazine + Intel’s The Creators Project, The Ascent, Faena Sphere, ArtSlant, BX200 The Bronx Visual Artist Database, Make: Magazine, Manifeste des Arts Immersifs, and Brooklyn Art Project.


Director Statement
With my animated short film “SPELL” I wanted to explore the ecstasy humans feel for digital experiences. Against this backdrop, unfolds a mysterious tragedy.

Referencing the pixel, the story is portrayed in a square aspect ratio combining black and white figures in contrast to the vivid colors of screens and technological devices. My characters live at the intersection of the digital and physical realms.

“SPELL” allowed me to fulfill the dream of producing in my beloved visual aesthetic — a combination of Modern art, Film noir, Comics, and 80s video games.

Growing up in a French-Armenian family, I experienced a cultural shift moving to New York City. Like many, I have witnessed the emergence of the Internet, personal computers, games and virtual reality. This film remains special to me because it translates my personal experience living in a society driven by data, business and new technologies—far from the local culture and the slow pace of my childhood.

I believe that the film's narrative construction will be open to various interpretations and speculation by the viewer.


Country of Origin: United States

Philippe Safire SPELL Still 02

Lips Like Sugar

Director - Ultra Violet

5c46782b86 headshot
Drag Performer Ultra Violet explores a moment from their past through a song and raw imagery.
Country of Origin: Canada
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Director Biography - Risa Okita

Born in 1997 in Japan,
2019 She graduated from Seian University of Art and Design.


"Award for The Freshest Visual Idea" at "30th MEDIAWAVE Film & Music Festival",Hungary

"Honorable Mention Award" at Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival,New York

"The Main Award" in the category 《 EUPHORIA OR IMAGINARY SPACE 》,The 4th Gagarin.doc International Student Film Festival,Russia

"Gold Award" in graphic design category
50th Mainichi and DAS Student Design Award, Graphic Gold Award,Japan


"The Cosmos" directed by Risa Okita

The theme of the work is "The Beginning of the Universe". It is said that the universe was born from "None" which has neither time nor space nor energy
It overlaps with the everyday microcosm of water droplets.
The image is composed of two parts: stillness (image in which water droplets are quietly produced) and motion (image in which water droplets actively move).
The three monitors of the same size represent the order and harmony of the universe.

This film is my graduation work for Seian University of Art and Design in Japan in 2019.


Country of Origin: Japan



Director Biography - Nate Dorr

80513a6275 headshot

Nate Dorr is a filmmaker and photographer based in Brooklyn, seeking out the unseen, forgotten, and hidden parts of the late anthropocene.

trip behind and beneath the street-level skin of the city on the hidden paths of industrial history and once-and-future transit.

The Triboro Line is a 24-mile freight rail in New York City, spanning from the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Bay Ridge, to Co-Op City in the Bronx. Once largely a passenger line, the tracks have since been reduced and repurposed, and now see only intermittent industrial use. In the absence of efficient crosstown trains or subways linking the boroughs without passing through Manhattan, transit advocacy groups have long proposed a restoration of the Triboro line to commuter service. In early 2020, the MTA opened a million dollar feasibility study for conversion of the former Bay Ridge Branch, the lower 11 miles of track through Brooklyn to Fresh Pond Junction. Shortly after, the coronavirus epidemic and a major budgetary crisis threw the future of the rail into uncertainty, but emerged in late 2021 with the renewed interest and federal infrastructure funding needed to act upon the project at last.

The film Triboro considers the Bay Ridge Branch as it exists now. From September 2019 to November 2020 I hiked the length of the line, taking still photographs at regular intervals along its length as regulated by the spacing of the ties, one photo every two to eight ties depending on the section under consideration. By carefully aligning and interleaving these images, I have created gliding timelapse tracking shots that travel as a train might and condense the eleven miles of rail and four seasons of work into a seven-minute journey.

Country of Origin: United States

Triboro 17

Ori Mi Agbe

Director Biography - Iyunade Judah

490aa53891 headshot

Iyunade Judah is an artist-photographer based in Winnipeg Canada, originally from Ogun, Nigeria. His work focuses on the black experience from an African’s point of view in the diaspora. He has worked on several photo projects and short films on black masculinity, gender and Afrocentrism. Judah's work primarily focuses on identity and a need for consciousness in African art. "My work is inspired by my curiosity to discover African history and art. I found out that there’s almost no identity for me and a lot of people like. I make use of imaginary narratives such as reincarnation in my practice to convey a message which might be on sexuality, history, identity or love. I infuse fabric as a backdrop to appreciate African prints and patterns which has become a personal style."


Country of Origin: Canada

Judah OriMiAgbeB

Jardins Paradise

Director Biography - Yza Nouiga

402c719dc6 headshot

Yza Nouiga is a French Moroccan emerging director, and digital film distributor based in Montreal. Born and raised in Morocco, she's been living in Canada for the last 10 years. Her work revolves around the themes of identities, dual nationality, and homecoming. She is currently working on a narrative short film, L’Oasis.


Garden of Eden, jardin à la française, English, Zen, Bahai, Arab-Islamic: Gardens reflect history, culture and heritage. They are some of the rare places where intimacy, gatherings, fun and religion coexist. Jardins Paradise ironically diverts the image of the garden as the embodiment of some paradisiacal Eden. It highlights the civic inventiveness of communities stigmatized by a lack of greenery in their neighborhood as well as the contribution of ethnocultural diversity to the urban landscape.


Country of Origin: Canada

JardinsParadise Still4


Director Biography - J. Boo

J. Boo, aka Joshua Booth (U.S.), has worked primarily as a co-writer/producer in the group dalek (Ipecac Recordings) since 1999. His current interests are algorithmic composition in Max/MSP and animation (Blender). 


SHAKYHEAD is a series that explores loneliness and the relationship between flesh and machine. The works are first written in Max/MSP and then the audio files are imported into Blender as numerical input to drive the animation. I work this way because it allows me to get a better sense of the dramatic timing and unfolding of events.

Screen Shot 2022 03 17 at 4.37.44 PM


Director Biography - Mo Qian

08a6ad4de7 headshot

Born in 1989 in China.
Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design in Japan

Awards in 2021:
TVF Award at Tokyo Video Festival 2021,Tokyo.
Honorable Mention Award at 4th Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival,New York

Screenings in 2021:
20th Milwaukee Underground Film Festival,USA
33rd Girona Film Festival,Spain
6th International Film Festival with Alternative Media <FICMA> ,Mexico city
4th Sound And Vision International Film & Technology Festival,New York
3rd Darkroom festival,London
Tokyo Video Festival 2021,Tokyo


The two sides of the human interior.
Two opposing personalities.
It is a drama about the conflict between two personalities hidden inside a woman.
In this story, the main character's secret personality appears in her dreams while she sleeps, trying to seduce and ruin her real personality.
ANIMA is a Latin word that refers to life or the soul.

This film was produced as the filmmaker's graduation work for Seian University of Art and Design in Japan in 2021.


Country of Origin: China

anima 3

the passing

Director Biography - Eve Provost Chartrand
05101609e6 headshot

Eve Provost Chartrand was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and currently lives on Bainbridge Island in the United States. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the Université du Québec à Montréal where she also studied museology and visual semiotics. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2019 with a Master of Fine Art in Research Creation and is now pursuing post graduate studies in Creative Research at Liverpool John Moore’s University in conjunction with Transart Institute.

Her artworks have been presented in exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan.

Director Statement

My creative research is about finding ways to destigmatize my divergent and ageing body by inscribing it in bountiful “livingness”. By observing natural processes, I have discovered that the excess of growths and stimuli end up bestowing a powerful sense of rhythm and swarming vitality to what, otherwise, appears to be grim compositions…. I choose to create lingering, blooming, and embodied things, actants, in relationship to the living and the dead as a way of re-inscribing the marginalized body in social discourse and re-proclaiming its agency. Being attentive to microbiological relationships changed my experience of bodies, the places we inhabit and how I interact with others. “We are ecosystems” Sheldrake (2021) that span boundaries and transgress categories; we emerge from a complex tangle of relationships as fungi do.

Mycelium plays an important role in my research as it actively senses and responds to its surroundings, while negotiating a series of complex trading and connective relationships with much of the world it is stitched into relation. They are recyclers and networkers that stich worlds together. Like ageing and dying bodies, they are cosmopolitan entities where histories meet, where different ramifications converge to foster resilience, transfer knowledge, and provide sustenance.
To this day, my practice-based creative research continues investigating negative representations of women’s ageing bodies and how they impact my life, but I now propose engaging co-mingling imaginaries that present instead of representing accounts of “vis existendi” or force of existing (Spinoza, 1677 cited in Deleuze, 1978). My works hopefully generate embodied performative assemblages and installations where materiality, flesh, skin have agency, and ALL bodies are revealed and celebrated for their generative and intra-active (Barad, 2007) attributes.


Country of Origin: United States

7e40f4b268 poster


Director Biography - GRAPHSET/ Mikkael Doczekalski
Fdda79c056 headshot

Mikkael Doczekalski created the GRAPHSET studio in 2007. Firstly trained to automated systems technology, Doczekalski started his professional life in the universe of industrial robotics. He thus developed a graphic logic and work process which he would divert into a creative approach as he entered the Beaux-Arts in Cergy in 2002. Today, GRAPHSET studio multiplies collaborations in various creative areas, whether related to graphic design, video clip or VJing and scenography.


Director Statement



Country of Origin: France

vlcsnap 2022 01 12 23h31m10s678

waawiyebii'ige: She Draws a Circle

Director Biography - Jaime Black

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Jaime Black is a multidisciplinary artist of mixed Anishinaabe and European descent. Black’s art practice engages in themes of memory, identity, place and resistance and is grounded in an understanding of the body and the land as sources of cultural and spiritual knowledge.


She Draws a Circle reflects on the work of generations of women to interrupt cycles of violence and oppression, looking to the ways in which our spiritual connections to the land and one another help us to hold space for regenerative healing, bringing the hidden to light drawing on that light to encircle each successive generation.


Country of Origin: Canada

18b58d12c3 poster

Cosmic Chiasmus: crossing the universe

Director Biography - Susan Eyre
8495b60338 headshot

Susan Eyre is an artist with a research centred approach working across moving image, installation, sculpture and print processes using analogue and digital media. She has collaborated in cross discipline projects with scientists and academics at leading UK Universities. Building her own cloud chamber, she has devised public workshops to demonstrate and document the visualisation of cosmic particles. Projects include lead artist for “Laboratory of Dark Matters”, a research, residency and events programme inspired by a visit to the dark matter research facility at Boulby Underground Laboratory in North East England; a two year open door residency and exhibition programme at Allenheads Contemporary Arts utilising access to the North Pennines Observatory; a Studio4 Chisenhale Residency in London where she built a human scale interactive ‘cloud chamber’ experience and a collaborative project with the UCL Space Society to launch and film a cloud chamber in the payload of a high altitude balloon. She is a 2015 graduate of the Royal College of Art where her degree work was purchased for the RCA Permanent Collection. Born in Suffolk, with a background in catering and computer programming she currently works from a studio in Woolwich.

Director Statement

My work is driven by a curiosity into the activity of matter and unseen forces in the universe. I am fascinated by both material and metaphysical phenomena beyond our capabilities to visualise such as dark matter, higher dimensions in spacetime, aura of place or the agency of an object. From reflecting on the myth of paradise and searching for paradise in the everyday I turned to particle physics looking for clues hidden in my environment. I find particle physics and mythology equally fantastical and the interface between perceived reality and the imagination an interesting space to explore. Unpredictability and alchemy are sought in my work through expanded print processes which are combined with digital practices, video, sculpture and installation. I aim to draw the unseen out from the shadows and relate ancient knowledge to contemporary theories as a means of encounter with the otherwise immeasurable cosmic and quantum scales of the universe.


Country of Origin: United Kingdom

film.00 04 17 20.Still048

Lines on the Winter Campaign, 1980

Director - Thadeusz Tischbein, Rene Reinhardt

8b2041fad1 headshot

The excerpt from a poem by the Russian-American Nobel Prize winner Joseph Brodsky is a frozen description of the time of the Soviet empire of the 1980s, a metaphorical reckoning with a technocratic regime and a nightmarish illustration of the war.


Country of Origin: Germany


769c37b25b poster

Out From Under the Shadows - Bryan Faubert

Out From Under the Shadows is a public shadow installation:

Viewable when the sun goes down at 750 10th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1J2 (AKA in front of Loophole Coffee)

We will meet in front of Contemporary Calgary right after the Film Screening! Bryan will guide us on a Shadow Bombing walking tour ending at his installation and Loophole Coffee!

Bryan Faubert received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia University of Art and Design and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary in 2020.  In 2014 he opened Studio 34, a sculpture studio, where he taught workshops and classes and conducted his own studio endeavors.  This space was about accessibility to the public to experiment and learn, creating shared knowledge.  Bryan is a member of the Wolf-Sheep Arthouse Collective in Victoria and an artist at the nvrlnd. Arts Foundation in Calgary.  Faubert’s exhibition history stretches from Nova Scotia to Toronto, down to Mexico and back up to Vancouver and is comprised of graffiti expositions, installations, pop-ups, artist run centres, public sculpture and commercial venues.  Last spring Bryan travelled to New York to apprentice with internationally acclaimed sculptor Cal Lane, this endeavor has inspired his current public sculpture with a C-Train car, which may become the new home base for Studio 34 in Calgary. Learn more here:

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