DeathSpins, Spun

Alexa Bunnell

Alexa Bunnell is an emerging artist, writer and fermenter based in Mohkinstsís (Calgary, AB). Their artistic and research-based work takes into account queer considerations of ecology, botany and restorative futures.


The work Deathspins, spun draws it’s starting point from the term soliphilia: a love and responsibility for land, ecosystem, and microbiome, rooted deeply on interdependence and unity - an adoration of the interrelated whole. Philosopher Glenn Albretch describes soliphilia being manifested as a solidarity between individuals that begins in political commitments to save a home environment. An urgent and visceral reaction to climate change, soliphilia is in defiance of colonial and extractive systems that place pressure on our relationships to our ecological environments. Deathspins, spun expands on soliphilia through the concept of the “wood wide web”; the scientific discovery that whole forests communicate through the mycelium of fungal organisms. Narrative in nature, the project describes a body that listens in to a whole forest through a Ghost Pipe plant that parasitizes itself off of a Russula emetica mushroom.