Digital Zine

Can't make it to Particle + Wave in person? Not to worry! For this year's Particle + Wave, you can view some art pieces from the comfort of... anywhere with internet connection! No physical attendance required!

Christian Frederiksen - One In Five 

View full comic here

One in Five is an experimental comic wherein a young man on the outskirts of Edmonton, on the night of a blizzard, must first decide whether to wait for the next bus or keep walking. As the weather worsens, his decisions split the narrative into multiple threads, and the results of each unfold in parallel. The comic is displayed on a single horizontally scrolling webpage that allows the reader to scroll through the story, zoom in on details, navigate to the start of each narrative thread, focus on a particular thread, and toggle the colourisation.

Greg Marshall - Between The BLur


Between the Blur is a 6 minute art video that utilizes publicly listed data of coordinates of 3405 orphaned oil and gas wells within the province of Alberta, Canada. Through a fast, generative process the data is illustrated geographically and translated to other locations in an attempt to view what is generally not viewable. Translations include the city of Calgary, its downtown core, the Athabasca oilsands, the revolving coordinates around a wellhead, and to the actual locations of orphan wellsites. Patterns of movement bridge in similarity across these locations according to the original layout of orphaned wells that traverse approximately 70% of the land area in Alberta. A meditative cascading rhythm of locations occurs through an operation of scale and frequency. The video is a poetic geographic journey visually calling into question the notion of the oil and gas industry, pondering this relation to land and cityscape to which it is irrevocably tied. Between the Blur is closely related to The War Room, but is much more condensed with its approach aligned with video art rather than a hybrid of documentary and video art.

RAZA (Laura Caraballo & Valentina Caraballo) - I Sat Too Close To The TV


I Sat Too Close To The TV is a video art project by RAZA, inspired by their relationship with television while growing up in the 2000s. As children and teens, television acted as a temporary sanctuary from chaotic circumstances by transporting their immediate reality and allowing them to exist in a more manageable and non-threatening fictional one. The work is a nostalgic look at the media that formed them and the function it serves through their youth.