Annual General Meeting

Become a Member of EMMEDIA

Become a Member of EMMEDIA

All members of EMMEDIA are invited to the Annual General Meeting Wednesday, October 21, 2020 @ 6PM via Zoom.

We will be updating everyone on what EMMEDIA has been up to, as well as our plans for the year to come!

Our President will also be giving an update about our activities and future plans with a presentation of our annual audited financial statements.

Membership Info

Members in good standing: In order to have a vote during the AGM, you must have a valid membership in good standing. Members in good standing are persons who have already applied to be members of EMMEDIA, have been accepted, and paid the yearly membership fee of $5.

To become a new member of EMMEDIA you must:

  1. Apply for the membership to EMMEDIA by filling out and signing a membership application form acknowledging and accepting the Society's Objectives, Bylaws and Policies.
  2. Include your CV/resume with your member application highlighting your involvement/interest in the Media Arts community.

Member applications with accompanying CV/resume are presented to the EMMEDIA Board of Directors at the next Board of Directors meeting to be voted on for acceptance to the Society as a member (Note: next EMMEDIA Board of Directors meeting is also scheduled for October 14, 2021). Upon acceptance of the member application, the membership fee of $5 is due in order to become a member in good standing. Memberships are valid for one fiscal year. All members of EMMEDIA must be interested in furthering the Society's purposes.

Members of EMMEDIA are different from Artist Affiliates of the organization (see Become a Member for more details).

Feel free to contact the office via to apply for a new membership or to check the status of your membership!