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EMMEDIA presents the AlterNATIVE film series, showcasing the rich landscape of works produced by Indigenous artists.

AlterNATIVE: Atsiniiksisstsii
Curated by Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand
As part of Alberta Culture Days
September 27, 2019

In Blackfoot culture and many other Indigenous cultures, sharing and remembering the origins of our stories are part of the ways in which we understand, maintain, and continue building relationships with one another. Today, our stories can be told through film, music and other multimedia practices but it is the history and origins of the stories we share that continue to sustain us in reclaiming, preserving, and revitalizing our cultures as Indigenous peoples in Canada. This edition of AlterNATIVE: Atsiniiksisstsii, translating to “stories,” is a film screening and music series curated by Blackfoot artist and musician Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand and presented by EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society and Indigenous Resilience in Music (IRIM), will bring to Mohkintsís (Calgary, AB) a time to learn from our origin stories from Canada’s up and coming Indigenous musicians, filmmakers, and creatives that are paving the way for Indigenous people in film, music and the arts.

- Curtis Running Rabbit-Lefthand

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AlterNATIVE: Balance
Curated by Jared Tailfeathers
As part of Alberta Culture Days
September 28, 2018

EMMEDIA is proud to present Balance as part of the AlterNATIVE Indigenous Film Series, which showcases the rich landscape of works produced by Indigenous artists. This edition, curated by Jared Tailfeathers, features artists and filmmakers that deal with the challenges of being able to balance tradition and contemporary practices, while properly finding a positive equilibrium in their cultural identity. They proudly stand for Indigenous Peoples creative growth and mighty voices, while honouring their roots and dreaming of the future.

A Celebration of Two-Spirit and Indigqueers through Film and Performance
Curated by Danielle Black/Sui Taa Kii (Treaty 7 Film Collective)
Part of the Umbrella Visual Arts Conference 3
September 29, 2017

EMMEDIA is proud to present “A Celebration of Two-Spirit and Indigiqueers through Film and Performance” as part of the AlterNATIVE Indigenous Film Series, which showcases the rich landscape of works produced by Indigenous artists throughout the year. This edition is curated by Danielle Black/Sui Taa Kii of the Treaty 7 Film Collective and presented as part of Elephant Artist Relief’s Umbrella Visual Arts Conference.

AlterNATIVE: Indigenous Media Arts
As part of Alberta Culture Days
September 30, 2016
EMMEDIA hosted a week-long intensive camp for Indigenous artists from Alberta, to create work under the mentorship of established Indigenous media artist Terrance Houle. Participants had full access to EMMEDIA’s production equipment and facilities, along with the mentor, in the development, creation and execution of an experimental media artwork or performance that culminated into an exciting and inspiring presentation during Alberta Culture Days.

Curated by Nakoda A/V Club
May 5, 2016

The second screening is curated by the Nakoda A/V Club based out of Morley, Alberta.The Nakoda A/V Club is a volunteer run production society. We believe in the potential of youth and the power of story. We follow the guidance of Elders, and of our own hearts. The Nakoda A/V Club is a collective, a group of people who gather to support each others artistic endeavours. We believe in the ability of people to accomplish their goals, no matter what they may be, through hard work, dedication, and support. Our aim is to raise interest in film as a modern form of the ancient tradition of story telling, and to use this to support the strengthening of local cultural for Nakoda youth. We believe that filmmaking is a means for youth to gain wellness and communication skills which will help them to be successful in all aspects of their lives. We hope that by watching film about and by Aboriginal people our community will be able to see it’s own successes and strengths reflected on the screen. We believe in the power of storytelling, and it’s transformative capacity to alter human lives.

Showing Initiatives: Aboriginal Video Work from the Vaults of the Video Pool Collection
Curated by Jenny Western
January 28, 2016

We begin the series with a program curated by Jenny Western, as part of Video Pool’s 30th anniversary, showcasing some of the collection’s earliest work by Aboriginal artists. Jenny Western is a curator, writer, and educator based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She holds a Masters in Art History and Curatorial Practice from York University in Toronto and an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Winnipeg.