September 16, 2010 @ 7-9PM
The Plaza Theatre
1133 Kensington Road NW

Sam’s Bar & Grill
1167 Kensington Cres NW

Scholarship Program Participants: marbella anne carlos, Josh Fraser, and Yvonne Kustec
Bars ‘n’ Tone Program Participants: Andrea Mann, Alex Moon, and Murray Smith

EMMEDIA supports the innovative and challenging work of a variety of artists working in an array of genres. Each year we invite applications for our production access programs and residencies which provide recipients with production resources and mentorship. Our support to media artists extends beyond video art to encompass the exploration of diverse forms of time-based art including: installation, documentary, narrative, animation and experimental film, performance, new media, audio, and web-based projects.

Since 2009, EMMEDIA has showcased the results of the annual Production Access Program at the historic Plaza Theatre. This signature event exposes new audiences in Calgary to the experimental media arts practice of emerging and established artists.

For more information, please contact Eric Becker at: or call 403.263.2838


Murray Smith

Six characters, six scenes, and, seen from afar, one film. But look closer—or even just look again—and you’ll find that’s not necessarily the case: this film isn’t just designing itself …it’s creating the universe. Follow the activities, conversations and anecdotes of six amusingly inquisitive minds to explore how choice balances with chance, and see how this film’s spontaneous self-editing not only mimics the processes underlying our everyday realities—it delves into new depths of digital filmmaking as it does so.

Yvonne Kustec
Insider Outsider

Inside Outsider is a story about insides turning outside. On an average day, in an average place, a not so average looking being wakes up from a weird dream with the strange feeling that something isn’t quite right. The story follows this not so average looking being that resembles a walking pile of flesh as it sets off an a journey to try and find some answers. Answers to such age-old questions as ‘who am I, what am I, why do I feel like something is missing, and what is my purpose on this planet’?

Andrea Mann
Motherland: The 14-day Tour

Motherland: The 14-day Tour is a collage-based documentary forming a portrait of Marco Pringle as he visits Vietnam for the first time, which was the childhood home of his Mother. The filmmaker, Marco’s wife, wonders if he will feel some connection to this distant land and its people despite possessing no Vietnamese language skills and only vague impressions of its culture. They spend two weeks touring present-day Vietnam while thinking about a family history experienced more as fable than fact. Within this context, the film poses questions about the meaning of cultural roots and contemplates the artifice of tourism.

Josh Fraser
Untitled (for June)

The project is heavily process-based. The intention is twofold: to restrict imagery to non-referential forms, thereby providing the viewer with directionless and agenda-free material to reflect upon; and to degrade video imagery to its emotive core, devoid of specific visual markers. Details are removed through the destructive abstraction process of video reverberation. Once these details have been removed, the remnants document the ephemeral qualities of light and space. Displayed over time, these light arrangements provide the desired non-representational environment, ripe for interpretation. The content is left for the viewer to decide.

marbella anne Carlos

Through the use of digital video, my project entitled Sully is an exploration of the use of habitual action in an attempt to attain a more pure version of the self. I have invited a handful of people to engage in a variety of cleaning processes varying from toenail clipping to ear cleaning. Shot in suggested nudity, each individual fragment becomes a moment of intimacy between the viewer and the footage. While these activities most often go unseen or within the privacy of our own homes, the exploitation of the personal ritual takes the moment out of the comfortable and ordinary, and into a realm of examination.

Alex Moon

Uni-Farm is a story depicting the power struggle over agricultural freedom between two groups; the Uni-Farm Corporation, representing large industrial agriculture, and the Real Food Alliance, representing the ethical food movement. Trying to save his family’s land, Edgar Farm is caught between these two groups after discovering the consequences of the contract he has signed with the Uni-Farm. He is caught replanting his seeds, which contravenes this contract, but he also isn’t a rebel. By posing the reality of the agricultural industry against what is essentially a conspiracy science fiction thriller, this project gives the impending food crisis a voice.



marbella anne carlos is a media and installation artist based in Calgary, Alberta, and a recent graduate from the University of Calgary. The understanding and breaking down of habits and pattern forms the basis of her current studio research. Her practice is undeniably performative, engaging the audience by using the manipulation of her own body to create a sensational experience. She has exhibited her video work in venues such as Untitled Art Society, The New Gallery and The Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary, Gallery Lambton in Sarnia, Ontario, and has participated in the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation’s Start residency.


A multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Calgary, Joshua Fraser utilizes a broad array of methods towards his overarching goal: the codification of raw, visceral emotion. This focus has emerged from an ever increasing relationship with psychotherapy. Fascinations with human trauma and its processing (as outlined under Primal Therapy) provide the basis and framework for Fraser’s creative activity. Typically, the results are either highly energetic ‘active’ pieces, often involving aggressive, violent outbursts; or reflective and contemplative ‘static’ pieces. Fraser’s work comes together as a determined pursuit striving to uncover a underlying, unifying, ethereal thread between all participants in contemporary society.


Yvonne Kustec managed to escape from the clutches of Ontario to start anew in the West and is currently working on completing her BFA at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Her current area of interest is sculpture since it allows her the freedom to experiment with form, material, and installation. Kustec has both a deep and light-hearted interest in poking fun at her person and the human experience through creating manipulated representations of the human body. She works meticulously with felt, doll legs, mannequin parts, and ceramics to imitate the whole or parts of the human body.


Andrea Mann is a Calgary-based visual artist working in film, video and animation. From a background in painting, printmaking, installation, photography and writing, she has organically followed her conceptual interests toward her current and lasting fascination with time-based media. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a particular interest in psychology and cultural anthropology, the themes she is driven to explore often also wander into other topics of observation, contemplation and reverie. She sees her art practice not just as a creative and intellectual pursuit, but also as an ongoing rebellion against alienation and apathy, two powerful conditions of our time.


Alex Moon was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and received his education from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008. Although trained as a printmaker, he creates highly detailed narratives through video, performance and installation with largely salvaged materials. He has shown nationally and participated in a number of exhibitions including Uni-Farm: Boardroom Forefathers at the Alberta Printmakers Society, and Ok. Quoi?! in Sackville, New Brunswick. On a part-time basis he assists the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, and on commission provides a wide range of custom technical support to his fellow artists.


Murray Smith is a critical thinker by nature, an avid cinephile by nurture, and an enthusiastic filmmaker by consequence. He’s largely a film formalist, and has a shared passion for photography, writing and (especially) editing—not to mention film theory in general. Some key topics/influences include: philosophy, contrast, ambiguity, film noir, surrealism, and filmmakers such as, David Bohm, Richard Linklater, Jacques Tati, and Stanley Kubrick. He is currently in his final year of a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies degree at the University of Calgary, and volunteers whenever he can within the local film community.