EMMEDIA supports artists in the community through our Production Access programs. Support includes access to workshops, production equipment, post-production facilities, and professional mentorship through the production process of a media artwork. We encourage the production of innovative and challenging work from a variety of artists working in any genre. Our support to media artists extends beyond those working in video to encompass diverse forms of time-based art including installation, documentary, narrative, animation, performance, new media, audio, and web-based projects.

Our goal is to support the growth and enable innovation in media arts production. This growth serves as a benchmark to reflect and build upon the diverse practices of our membership, continually raising the bar in our expectations of participants’ work at EMMEDIA.

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Do you have an idea you can’t wait to get off the ground? How about an ongoing project in need of additional equipment or facilities access? EMMEDIA is here to support emerging and established artists by providing all the tools needed to completing their works! One can apply for Finishing Funds or Open Access support at any time. The number of projects supported is subject to funding and equipment availability.

Finishing Funds
EMMEDIA supports artists’ in-progress projects with provision of in-house editing and production equipment up to a value of $2000. The deadline is ongoing and the number of projects supported is subject to funding and equipment availability and acceptance by the Production Committee. To apply, an applicant must send a proposal for the in-progress project they wish to complete using EMMEDIA’s resources including a detailed budget, time-line, and relevant support material.

Open Access
The focus of Open Access is to aid in the production of long form media art projects, giving participants up to one year to complete their works. This program is directed toward intermediate and senior artists. Potential program participants are asked to submit a project proposal that includes current CV, script, storyboard or treatment, project description, detailed budget and relevant support material.  The number of projects supported annually is dependent on funding and the quality of submissions received.

If you have any questions about submissions or any of the Production Access programs, please contact:

Bryce Maruk

Production Director