PLEASE NOTE: Facility bookings are closed for the month of August. You may book facilities for September onwards, pending approval by the Production Director.

To rent facilities, you must be an Artist Affiliate in good standing and demonstrate a sufficient level of competency.


Our Screening Room is a versatile space available to the artistic community and artist organizations for rental. If this is your first time renting EMMEDIA’s facilities, we recommend you book a viewing prior to reserving the desired space. You can contact the Production Director to set up this appointment.

You can find our booking site here:

The Screening Room
This room is a blacked-out space w/track lighting and a loading bay. Its uses range from an art exhibition venue to an experimental music concert hall.

Dimensions: 29’ x 21’ x 9.5’
Capacity: 50 max.

1 x Epson Powerlite 8345 Projector w/Remote
2 x Tannoy V8 Speakers (not suitable for live music events)
1 x Emotiva Sound System
48 x Black Chairs (Available for Setup)
1 x Black Carpet (12 x 12)
2 x Fold Out Tables
1 x Large Table w/2 x Leg Pieces

Private (w/Insurance) Rental Fee: $50/day
Public Rental Fee*: $20/hour, minimum 3-hour booking

*During office hours (Tues – Sat; 12PM – 6PM), public rentals come at no charge. During off hours, public rentals are charged at $20/hour to compensate the facility supervisor that MUST be on site.


» All spaces must be left clean and organized and all furniture must be returned to its prior arrangement. If the space/s are left in a state of disorder/uncleanliness, a cleaning fee of $50 will be charged to the renting Affiliate.
» All garbages/recycling the Rental Affiliate has used must be emptied if full
» Mop water must be poured out in the toilet, NOT THE SINK, to prevent plumbing issues.
» The loading bay door is only permitted use by the Rental Affiliate with expressed permission from the Production Director.
» The back door must never be propped open for extended periods of time. We understand the need during loading and unloading of equipment, however, the door MUST be kept closed and [ideally] locked during your use of the space/s at all other times.
» When leaving the premises, renters must ensure the alarm is set and the back door is locked. There is a $200 charge if the door is not locked or the alarm is not set.

EMMEDIA requires a damage deposit of $200.00 before the Rental Affiliate is provided an access code to the facility. The deposit will be held and returned at the end of the rental period assuming no damage (above and beyond normal wear and tear) has occurred.

All artists and artist organizations wishing to access EMMEDIA’s facilities must be pre-approved by the Production Director. All bookings must clearly show the title of an approved production/event or access to the facility will be denied.