PLEASE NOTE: Facility bookings are closed for the month of August. You may book facilities for September onwards, pending approval by the Production Director.

To rent facilities, you must be an Artist Affiliate and demonstrate a sufficient level of competency, or have taken the relevant workshops and training at EMMEDIA or other facilities.


Our Editing Suites are state-of-the-art configurations mixing vintage assets with modern functionality.

Currently, we have two suites available for daily ($50), weekly ($100) and monthly ($200) rent.

You can find our online booking site here:


The Audio Suite (for sound editing and recording):
iMac 2019 w/8-core i9 processor
Metric Halo LIO-8 Audio Interface
Genelec 5.1 Sound System
Vocal Booth equipped w/Rode NT2 Condenser Mic

The Video Suite (for video editing and dubbing):
Custom Built PC w/Windows 10 Pro
HP Z32x 32″ 4K Display
Genelec 8430A Studio Monitors
Mackie BigKnob Studio Monitor Control
Digitizing/Dubbing station w/VHS, MiniDV, Betacam, Hi8, and DVD decks

The editing software available to you includes Adobe CC 2019, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and other various programs.

» Suite re-configuration/technical assistance is available by appointment made at least 24 hours in advance. The cost for this service is $35/hour.


» No food or drink in the suites.
» Only save files to your folder with name and project name. Other folders will be deleted. Back up your files to your personal disk.
» Do not re-patch cables or change system settings.
» Power down computer, speakers and hardware when finished.
» Do not connect to the internet.
» Disorderly suites will be charged for clean-up time.
» For hourly booking: please do not extend your time in the editing suite past the time you booked in for without expressed permission from the Production Director. If you are discovered extending your time in the suite, you will be charged for an extra day of suite use; no exceptions.

All project folders stored on local drives must include the Artist Affiliate’s name, for example: “Jane Smith – Documentary Project”, to make their files easy to identify and to reduce the risk of files being accidentally erased from the computer hard drives. It is the Artist Affiliate’s responsibility to back up their files to disk or personal portable hard-drives. Projects that are inactive for 14 days will be automatically deleted off the system to clear up needed hard-drive space. If your project requires more than 14 days to complete, either consecutive or non-consecutive, it is your responsibility to inform the Production Director of such a situation. EMMEDIA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF MEDIA ASSETS OR PROJECT FILES.

It is mandatory that Artist Affiliates who use Final Cut Pro and/or Adobe CS6 set the path for scratch disk, etc. to their project folder before starting work each time they use the Edit Suite to ensure their assets aren’t mixed up with others.

All productions wishing to access EMMEDIA’s post-production facilities must be pre-approved by the Production Director. All facility bookings must clearly show the title of a approved production or access to editing suites will be denied.