Artist Talk w/ Terrance Houle Artist Talk w/ Terrance Houle

Part of Alberta Culture Days
Saturday, October 1, 2016
1PM – 2:30PM
EMMEDIA Screening Room

Established media artist Terrance Houle will be speaking at EMMEDIA about Indigenous media arts in Alberta as part of Alberta Culture Days. Born in Calgary, Terrance Houle is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary media artist and a proud member of the Kainai Nation (Blood Tribe). His involvement with Aboriginal communities has brought him to Reservations throughout North America participating in Powwow dancing and Native ceremonies. Houle makes use of performance, photography, video & film, music and painting in his work.

AlterNATIVE: Indigenous Media Arts AlterNATIVE: Indigenous Media Arts

As part of Alberta Culture Days
Friday, September 30, 2016
EMMEDIA Screening Room

Featuring: Jade Carpenter, Kes Lefthand, Dan McCartney, Jeanette Many Guns, April Powderface and Amber Twoyoungmen

EMMEDIA is hosting a week-long intensive camp for Indigenous artists from Alberta, to create work under the mentorship of established Indigenous media artist Terrance Houle. Participants have full access to EMMEDIA’s production equipment and facilities, along with the mentor, in the development, creation and execution of an experimental media artwork or performance that will culminate into an exciting and inspiring presentation during Alberta Culture Days.

Spectral Illuminations Spectral Illuminations

Presented by EMMEDIA + Beakerhead
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 @ 8 – 10PM

Lougheed House – 707 13 Avenue SW
FREE Admission

Featuring works by: Audrey Burch, Maria Munar, Danielle Nicol, Todd Rederburg, Paul Robert, Jordan Schinkel, Anna Semenoff, Lindsay Sorell, Teresa Tam, and Aran Wilkinson-Blanc

Local media artists will be illuminating the beautiful historic Lougheed House with the art of projection mapping (site-specific projections that alter the appearance of the surface on which they are projected). These projections will light up and animate the walls, windows, furniture and ceilings, while interpreting the amazing history of the house, creating surprises around every corner!

CSIF’s Secret Cinema: EMMEDIA edition CSIF’s Secret Cinema: EMMEDIA edition

Curated by Bryce Maruk
Wednesday, August 16, 2016 @ 9PM
CommunityWise Resource Centre Courtyard – 223 12 Ave SW
Free Admission*

In 1997, the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) inherited a library of over 2,000 celluloid films from the Calgary Public Library, and every month in the summer we invite a member to curate a screening and give a short Q + A. The screenings are held outdoors in a cozy courtyard at sundown, and sometimes feature surprise musical guests. The only catch is that for copyright reasons we can’t disclose the name of the film until you see it… Come out and get in on the secret!

*Due to the very small capacity of the courtyard, please be sure to come early to secure a seat!

Doppelganger + TEMPLE Doppelganger + TEMPLE

Live Performances by Tasman Richardson
Presented with Sled Island Visual Art + Theatre Junction GRAND

Saturday, June 25, 2016 @ 6PM (Doors at 5PM)
Theatre Junction GRAND – 608 1 St SW

Tickets: $25 (Includes performances by Dawn of Midi, Circuit des Yeux and artist Jeneen Frei Njootli)
Sled Island Passholders get in FREE (Subject to capactiy)

Doppelganger is a live dual projection performance using manually warped time markers in addition to regular cuts, it induces a sensation of doubt and deception, through manipulations in temporal continuity. Sources evolve from mirror reflections in cinema to recording errors in VHS, to complete signal failure and pulsing erratic noise, each layer rending the veils of simulation. In Temple, the performer has replaced the shaman/priest, and the screen/sound has replaced the performer. Pulling from the cultural dictionary of cinematic micro phrases to deliver a ceremonial edit of sigils and signs. In this post-faith, post-flesh world, our spectacular séance will weave recorded media (aka the power of the dead) into a spastic orgy of cut ups.


An installation by Sandra Vida

Exhibition: May 19 – June 18, 2016 @ 12-6PM (Closed on May 21, Sundays and Mondays)
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 19, 2016 @ 7-10PM
Artist Talk: Saturday, May 28, 2016 @ 2-4PM
EMMEDIA – 351 11 Ave SW, 2nd Floor
FREE Admission

In Sandra Vida’s most recent video work, Journey, she explored the notion of perseverance through obstacles, and the recuperative power of disrupting the flow of time through repetition and looping images. She invited viewers to empathetically partake in this experience through large-scale projected images. Portal takes these themes one step further in the creation of a scenario in which the viewer literally passes through the video image, projected on a series of walls or veils. The piece explores the fertility of the “liminal space” or threshold, the place of transition: a chance for the viewer to linger between a previous way of structuring time, awareness, even identity, and moving forward into a new or different path.

AlterNATIVE: Nakoda A/V Club AlterNATIVE: Nakoda A/V Club

Thursday, May 5, 2016
Doors at 6:30PM, Screening at 7PM
EMMEDIA Screening Room – 351 11 Ave SW, 2nd Floor

EMMEDIA presents the AlterNATIVE Indigenous Film Series, showcasing the rich landscape of works produced by Indigenous artists throughout the year. The second screening this year is curated by the Nakoda A/V Club based out of Morley, Alberta.


A multi-media residency + performance by Lon Parker
Part of EMMEDIA’s ECHO AWARD Presentation

Open Studio: April 5 – April 15, 2016 @ 12-5PM (Closed April 10 + 11)
Cabaret Performance: April 16, 2016 @ 8:06PM-9:06PM
Location: EMMEDIA – 351 11 Ave SW

As recipient of the ECHO AWARD for his exemplary “ememembership” to EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society, Lon Parker has been provided an opportunity to present, in its entirety, his multi-media triptych SURROUNDED BY LIONS focusing on the life of fictional artist Alexander Graf. The public is invited to visit Alexander Graf in his open studio to ask questions and view the paintings, while he gets ready for his cabaret performance.

On the evening of April 16, the presentation of SURROUNDED BY LIONS will begin with a short experimental film that segues into a simultaneous poetry reading in collaboration with Rita Bozi and Ken Cameron, featuring Geneviéve Paré and Kirk Miles, and finishing with the main event Graf:DADA. Performed by Graf, Graf:DADA is an absurdist, Dada inspired multi-media statement of his life, as it meanders through the historical reality of Zurich and Dada, post WWI Europe, Abstract Expressionism, the artistic world of New York City in 1920-1951, and his troubled relationship and encounters with the seminal artists of two of the 20th century’s most important artistic genres.


A Digital Sugar Cubed Student Exhibition

March 4 – 19, 2016
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary’s U-Hall Community Space – 2009 10th Ave SW
Tuesday – Friday @ 11AM – 5PM, Saturday @ 12 – 5PM
Opening Reception: Friday, March 4 @ 8PM

Curated by Audrey Burch
Featuring works by Sandrine Anna-Brigita, Oksana Kryzhanivska, Jordan Schinkel, Anna Semenoff, and Jadda Tsui

This exhibition, featuring students from the University of Calgary and the Alberta College of Art and Design, sees science and art come together to form a homogenous whole. Historically, we have seen science integrate into numerous modes of thought. For instance, looking back to Golden Eras of art, we have seen these two fields intersect in the transition from the European Renaissance to the Early Modern Age. In modern times, dubbed the “Age of Information,” specialization has become a common thread in the development of both scientific and new media artistic practice, allowing for information and ideas to develop and become informed within their niche environments. The interest of Contaminant’s exhibition lies in forming a connection between these two disparate fields: a search for the most informed piece of knowledge.

Interplay between empiricism and new media artwork utilizes the application of scientific methods in a fine art context. The artists exhibiting within Contaminant have used this process to test the limits of empiricism, questioning the way we inform our own evidence gathering process, and the authenticity of presented information. The resulting works bring awareness to the act of observation itself.


A fundraiser for the media arts
Friday, February 19, 2016 @ 7-11PM
Festival Hall – 1215 10 Ave SE
Tickets are $20 +GST at the door
Purchase early for only $15 +GST at

On February 19, 2016, in anticipation of the 2017 iteration of the festival, we will be presenting PARTICLE + WAVE 2.5, a one-night performance and fundraiser at Festival Hall. Taking place from 7:00-11:00 pm, we will be featuring media art performances including a new performance by Halifax artist, Lisa Lipton. Fresh from her shortlist nomination for the 2015 Sobey Art Award, Lipton will be using PARTICLE + WAVE as a platform to debut her new audio-visual work, “Agonist” in collaboration with local media artist Carl Spencer. In addition, we open with Yankee Yankee (Whitney Ota) playing a live soundtrack to Aran Wilkinson-Blanc’s film “TransfiX”, and we end off the night with the super fun musical stylings of Sleepy Panther (Rita McKeough & Richard Brown).

That’s not all! Awesome door prizes will be given out throughout the night, as well as a silent auction featuring very unique items and experiences will be up for bids! This is definitely an evening not to be missed!