PARTICLE + WAVE: Feature Night PARTICLE + WAVE: Feature Night

Date: February 3, 2018
Location: Festival Hall – 1215 10th Ave SE
Saturday, February 3, 2018 @ 8:30PM – 10:30PM (Doors at 8PM)
Tickets: $15 in advance at:
$20 at the door

Performances by Aran Wilkinson-Blanc & Sabrina Naz Comanescu (Calgary), Martín Rodríguez (Montreal), and Matthew Waddell & Craig Fahner (Calgary)
Interactive Installation by Mat Lindenberg (Calgary)

On the feature night of the PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival, we explore the many facets of media arts, including audio, video, animation and the use of digital interfaces and landscapes. Be immersed in media arts with live audio-visual performances incorporating dance, radio frequencies and the weird deep web, or experience an interactive installation in the lobby that utilizes your body in the creation and destruction of a strange world. This is a night that showcases the ever-changing technological tools and processes, and the artists who utilize them in amazingly creative ways.

We Dream in Glitches We Dream in Glitches

Screening Program
Part of the PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival

Date: February 1, 2018
Location: EMMEDIA Screening Room – 2005 10 Ave SW
Doors @ 7:00PM, Screening @ 7:30PM
FREE Admission

Featuring works by Charlotte Clermont (Montreal), Nikita Diakur (Germany), Zachary Finkelstein (Toronto), Rakel Jonsdottir (Iceland), Kendra Lohr (USA), Alice Saey (France), Aristo Vopenka (Belgium), and Taryn Ward (USA)

Through the films of artists around the world, we explore isolated landscapes of visual spectacles, both nostalgic and strange. Encounter sleepless minds dreaming of soaring golf balls to dancing Egyptian Geese, as we fall into a trance through fragments of a distorted dream.

PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival 2018 PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival 2018

February 1 – 3, 2018

EMMEDIA is proud to present the 4th PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival, a unique 3-day event that will celebrate the critical innovation and creativity present in the media arts community. This festival will showcase an art form that by it’s very nature, is constantly evolving and growing with the integration of ever-changing technological processes. Screenings, installations and live performances by local, national and international artists will be showcased in Calgary. Join us through February 1 – 3, 2018 and EMmerse yourself in media art!

Femme Film 2017 Femme Film 2017

Infiltrating and Dismantling Dominant Narratives:
The Manifestation of Intersectionality in Modern Feminist Shorts

Curated by Amanda Foote & Ami Kenzo
Presented by EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society
Part of Femme Wave Feminist Music & Arts Festival’s Femme Film series

November 17, 2017
Panel: 6:15PM – 7:00PM
Screening (on a loop): 7:00PM – 9:00PM

The feminist landscape in Calgary has been shaped by many forces. As filmmakers working from a specific feminist lens there are heavy responsibilities to share and much work to be done. Today’s feminist filmmakers have inherited a legacy of triumph but also challenges. These challenges, which have defined the modern feminist movement, range from topics exploring inclusion, access, and intersectionality. Tonight’s programming celebrates the women engaging in the revolutionary act of activism to induce change through the art of storytelling. Each piece addresses by means of unique visuals, voice and perspectives concepts relating to identity, space, representation and narrative control.

AlterNATIVE: Danielle Black AlterNATIVE: Danielle Black

A Celebration of 2-Spirit and IndigiQUEERS Through Film and Performance
Curated by Danielle Black/Sui Taa Kii of the Treaty 7 Film Collective
Presented by EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society
Part of Elephant Artist Relief’s Umbrella Visual Arts Conference 3

Friday, September 29, 2017 @ 7-9PM
West Village Theatre – 2007 10 Ave SW (Back alley entrance)
Free admission, registration required at:

EMMEDIA is proud to present “A Celebration of Two-Spirit and Indigiqueers through Film and Performance” as part of the AlterNATIVE Indigenous FIlm Series, which showcases the rich landscape of works produced by Indigenous artists throughout the year. This edition is curated by Danielle Black/Sui Taa Kii of the Treaty 7 Film Collective and presented as part of Elephant Artist Relief’s Umbrella Visual Arts Conference.

Spectral Illuminations II Spectral Illuminations II

A Projection Mapping Exhibition
Presented with Beakerhead and Calgary Public Library
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 @ 8-11PM
Memorial Park Library – 1221 2 St. SW
FREE Admission

Featured Artists: Audrey Burch, Michael Grills, Jacqueline Huskisson, Mat Lindenberg, Greg Marshall, Isabel Porto, Jadda Tsui, Matthew Waddell & Laura Anzola, Aran Wilkinson-Blanc, and Julian Zwack

Ten local media artists were chosen to illuminate the beautiful historic Memorial Park Library with the art of projection mapping (site-specific projections that alter the appearance of the surface on which they are projected). These projections will light up and animate surfaces throughout the building, interpreting the amazing history of the first library in Calgary and Alberta.


An EMMEDIA Members Retrospective Exhibition
Exhibition runs: July 14 – August 26, 2017 (Tues-Sat 12-6PM, Closed August 5)
Opening Reception: July 14, 2017 @ 7-11PM

EMMEDIA has been a place where media arts lives for almost 40 years! Having recently moved into our new location with two new presentation spaces, we will be featuring work by past and current members and artists, showcasing the rich history of media arts at EMMEDIA. A group exhibition will be featuring prominent members of EMMEDIA who have laid the groundwork and foundation, alongside emerging media artists that will be shaping the future of EMMEDIA. A formal screening will be presented during the opening reception featuring works from the 1980s – present, with some produced right here at EMMEDIA. We end the night with live performances by prominent audio artists in our community. The exhibition runs until August 26 with the screening available for viewing on the digital screens at EMMEDIA. Come celebrate the media arts community in our new location!


A performance by Mathew Lindenberg & Jadda Tsui
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Photo booth: 6:30 – 8:00PM | Performance: 8:30PM

Three Sisters Royal Canadian Legion #3 Branch – 834 7 St, Canmore, AB
FREE with conference registration or $25 at the door
(Admission includes dinner, Spirit of Helen Award reception, and live performances.)

Part of the UPLOAD | DOWNLOAD Media Arts Conference

YOU ARE HERE is a live audio/visual performance, occupying a middle ground between digital puppet show, short film, and multimedia play. Audience members are invited to take their photographs in a booth before the show, their faces then placed like masks onto blank characters. Via modelled figures possessing their likenesses, viewers are introduced into an alternate dimension — quiet, flat, empty, unsettling disassociation constructed from the backdrops of dreams. A live narrative constructs several short stories, loosely paralleling visuals on the screen. The show will feature a mix of predefined content, improvisation, and opportunities for subversion.

Strange Light Strange Light

An installation by Jordan Schinkel
June 21 – 24, 2017 @ 11AM – 7PM
Stride Gallery – 1006 Macleod Trail SE
Presented in partnership with Sled Island Music & Arts Festival

Hand-held flashlights are tools for sight and lucidity in otherwise unlit spaces. Strange Light is a continuous video installation that explores the contemplative yet uncertain act of searching in the dark. A single small light passes over objects and surfaces across multiple settings, glimpsing only a few ambiguous details of a larger unseen space- one that is uncannily impossible. The light invites viewers to enter the dark join the search, considering the question of what and of where.

YQMP 2017 YQMP 2017

Part of the Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival

Thursday, May 25, 2017 @ 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:30 PM)
The Plaza Theatre – 1133 Kensington Rd NW
Ticket Price: CAD $10.00 – CAD $12.00

The Youth Queer Media Program (YQMP) gives audiences the opportunity to look through the eyes of our emerging filmmakers, and gives the filmmakers the tools and resources to share their perspective. This annual program runs December – March for youth ages 16-24 and provides the time and tools to create a short film, including workshops with industry professionals in storyboarding, editing, filming, and production at EMMEDIA. The program culminates in the world premiere of the films at the Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival in May.