OX: A Crash Course on Loving Calgary OX: A Crash Course on Loving Calgary

Saturday, September 19, 2009
with Sharon Stevens, EMMEDIA Artist in Residence. Join one of EMMEDIA’s 2009/2010 Artists in Residence, Sharon Stevens, for some guerrilla art-making.

Em Zine Nights 2009 Em Zine Nights 2009

EMMEDIA supports independent publications and individual voice with our monthly zine nights. We have a photocopier and laser printer begging to spit out tons of independently published work.

Birth of a Notion Birth of a Notion

Thursday, September 10, 2009
A presentation of new works by: Donna Brunsdale, Tania Cruz & Danielle Gotell, Lydia Karpenko, Tamara Meparishvili, Greg Debicki, Anne Koizumi, Micheal Welchman, and Aran Wilkinson-Blanc.