EManimenteur – Noel Bégin EManimenteur – Noel Bégin

EMMEDIA is pleased to welcome Noel Bégin as our new EManimenteur for 2011! We look forward to working with Noel in the coming months to enhance and assist EMMEDIA artists in developing a deeper understanding of media arts practice. EM Members are encouraged to get in touch with Noel to develop conceptual and critical aspects of their practice, either through studio visits or project consultations. Please contact EMMEDIA at or 403.263.2833 to make arrangements to meet with him. Noel Begin will be with EMMEDIA till the end of October, so feel free to visit again and again!

CANOLA OIL – Compression Camp CANOLA OIL – Compression Camp

An Open Access Intensive Production Camp!
May 9 – 14, 2011
5 – 10PM

The spirit of Compression Camp is derived from the immediacy of digital media, and sets out to approximate television news networks in their ability to report on events the same day they occur. Participants are encouraged to complete production and post-production as rapidly as possible in that spirit. Works completed during a Compression Camp will be compressed and uploaded for on-line web streaming/hosting at EMMEDIA provides creative and technical assistance and support, free of charge for all Compression Camp projects in exchange for permission to host works online.


A screening of members’ recent short film and video projects
Presented in partnership by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, EMMEDIA, and PAVED Arts
Screening: Thursday, April 28, 2011 @ 7PM
Location: EMMEDIA Screening Room (Playing at PAVED Arts in Saskatoon)


Part of Fugitive Projects
Presented at the Show Us Your Shorts Festival
Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 10AM – 5PM (on a loop)
Official screening time at 7PM (Running Time: 55:25 min.)
Artist talk with curator Jack Ryan, following the screening via Skype
Location: EMMEDIA Screening Room

Fugitive Video Project is an endeavor to assemble and disseminate a collection of video works representing diverse regions and concerns in contemporary media. It introduces audiences to a broad array of creative directions and the nuanced associations created through artist initiative and community.

Daniel Menche Daniel Menche

Saturday, January 22, 2011 at EPCOR CENTRE’s Engineered Air Theatre
Doors open 6:30pm | Show starts 7:30pm
Presented in partnership by EMMEDIA and the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts
as part of The Epcor Centre’s Soundasaurus Festival of Media, Music and Sound.
Tickets available at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts

This is not the music of the masses; rather, it is the music of individuals who are adventurous enough to challenge music itself.


January 15 @ 6 – 12AM
EMMEDIA / QAS – 351 11 Ave S.W.
In collaboration with Quickdraw Animation Society, The New Gallery and the Alberta College of Art + Design
Featuring Dorkbot w/ Lia Rogers, Carl Spencer w/ Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh, Shelley Ouellet, Paul Woodrow, Animated Zine Night w/ Micheal Welchman, Fillou ACAD Sculpture 316 w/ Rita McKeough and many others!

Art’s Birthday has been celebrated by artists the world over, through collaborative and networked based activities that recognize the spirit of permanent creation. In celebration of this momentous occasion, EMMEDIA, in collaboration with Quickdraw Animation Society, The New Gallery, and the Alberta College of Art + Design, would like to invite you to participate in a series of generative and participatory installations that will activate spaces throughout our shared building, supporting practices that reflect and celebrate the Eternal Network of Permanent Creation.

Output-Input Output-Input

EMMEDIA’s annual screening of members’ work
December 11, 12 – 7 p.m.
EMMEDIA Screening Room

EMMEDIA supports and celebrates our members, encouraging exchange and growth while increasing awareness of members activities in our community. From electronic performances to narrative explorations the works in this screening represent the diversity of work that goes on at EMMEDIA and reflects the divergent interests of our membership.

Bin 15 Bin 15

Mark Lowe
October 13-21, 2010 @ 12 – 3PM
October 15 + October 21 @ 7PM with Mark Lowe and collaborators Brodie Mohninger and Steve Leidal
October 16 @ 12PM with the Bent Spoon Duo (Chris Dadge and Scott Munro), Eric Hamelin and Jay Crocker, and David Laing
Eau Claire Festival Market – 200 Barclay Parade SW

Bin 15 is an interactive installation and audio performance work recording percussive sounds and natural reverberations within a modified grain bin. Watch Lowe and collaborators perform 45-minute sets of musique concrete audio works inside the bin using the structure itself, farming implements and musical instruments, or create your own musique concrete.

EManimenteur – Shelley Ouellet EManimenteur – Shelley Ouellet

Book your appointment with the EManimenteur!
As a pilot project, the EManimenteur is an in-house contract residency, that interacts with staff, members, and artist-producers working on site. The role is a nurturing and inspiring one, where the resident offers critical analysis and improvement.
EMMEDIA members are invited to meet with our EManimenteur, Shelley Ouellet, to develop conceptual [...]

Once Near Water Once Near Water

Vera Frenkel (Toronto)
September 10 – 24, 2010 @ 10-5PM (Monday to Saturday)
Opening Reception: September 10 @ 7PM
EMMEDIA Screening Room

EMMEDIA is honoured to be presenting the work of renowned Canadian multidisciplinary artist Vera Frenkel, a project that carries powerful resonances to the dissonance of Calgary’s urban and natural landscape. Once Near Water: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive is a work about a city cut off from its lake, and in trouble: where scaffolding serves as metaphor for both aspiration and loss.