A live multi-channel video and musical performance by Craig Fahner and Matthew Waddell
Presented at Sled Island
Saturday, June 23 @ 6:25 – 6:45PM
Studio Bell, Performance Hall – 850 4 St SE
Tickets: $22 or FREE with Sled Island pass

Beyond the firewall a virtual paradise expands into the horizon. This place, known as DEEP WEBSITE is where lonely pleasures and infinite bandwidth merge. Links fornicate under a seductive laptop glow, drawing your gaze deeper into the endless cavity of kitty pics and 3D muscle bulge. The things you came looking for slowly dissolve as the hours pass and the mind softens. Fortunately browsing history vanishes once you resurface, leaving you with only a hazy memory of the foul clicks and regretful pixels that passed through your once innocent eyes.


Sandra Vida
June 1 – 29, 2018 | EMMEDIA Screening Room – 2005 10 Ave SW
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday @ 12-6PM
Opening Reception: June 1, 2018 @ 7-10PM

Sandra Vida’s new video installation FALL/FLOW grows out of a previous series of works in which the artist explored life’s thresholds, transitions, and passages. This new work continues the idea of integrating the viewer within the video image, conjuring up the experience of immersion in the natural world. Viewers pass through beaded “screens” alive with softly descending images that invoke both the tranquility and fragility of the element of water. A range of metaphorical associations are invoked and welcomed in a subtle way through faintly seen text incorporated throughout the changing montage of imagery. Evocative sound suggests human voices expressing emotional longing and spiritual promise.

Logical Conclusion Logical Conclusion

Kathryn Blair
June 1-29, 2018 | EMMEDIA Gallery – 2005 10 Ave SW
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday @ 12-6PM
Opening Reception: June 1, 2018 @ 7-10PM

Logical Conclusion is a collection of logic puzzles, which follow the logic of real algorithms that are being used to make decisions about people, from Trust Scores that the Chinese government is issuing to its citizens, to the Facebook news feed algorithm. Step into this school for young algorithms and see how they “think” by completing the puzzles for yourself. Each one is accompanied by an illustration – as though it were part of an elementary school primer. Read the puzzles, then move the pieces (statements which make up each premise) around, eliminating repeated elements as you go, creating a logical chain to lead you to the “correct” conclusion, given that all the statements must be taken as fact. At least as far as the computer is concerned. Do you think the first-order logic behind these puzzles, which mirrors the first order logic used by computers, leads to logical conclusions?

TouchDesigner for Projection and Installation TouchDesigner for Projection and Installation

Instructor: Matthew Waddell
May 10 – June 14, 2018 | Thursdays @ 6:30 – 9:30PM
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary — U-Hall Space (2009 10 Ave SW, 2nd Floor)


TouchDesigner is one of the fastest growing and most powerful software tools for realtime video applications. Developed in Canada and used by video and New Media professionals around the globe, this dynamic tool can be used to create anything from custom VJ performances, to live camera systems for dance or theatre, gallery installations, and even mapping realtime election results on the side of the Empire State Building.

During this six week workshop we will develop fundamental TouchDesigner skills while working towards individual projects that will be presented in TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary’s U-Hall space during the final class. This workshop will guide participants through the process of realizing their projection projects from start to finish. Projection technology will be provided as well as guided instruction catered to developing and presenting your project.

No TouchDesigner experience required but familiarity with computers and digital video is considered an asset. Students will be required to bring their own laptop preloaded with Derivative TouchDesigner 099 (free download) and are encouraged to bring their own projects, questions, ideas, and technology.