EMMEDIA is an inclusive society and welcomes the public to inquire about becoming a member!

Producer members receive access to digital production equipment and post production facilities. We provide all the tools needed to produce, from start to finish, a digital video, audio or multimedia projects. The fringe benefits include regular email bulletins filled with current information on upcoming exhibitions, employment opportunities, and calls for submissions and awards. In addition EMMEDIA’s online publication in collaboration with the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Luma, is available for all EMMEDIA Members interested in reading about film and media art. This online quarterly publication seeks to critically explore the current film and media arts landscape from a western Canadian perspective on an international platform.

EMMEDIA’s mandate emphasizes the diversity of contemporary media art practice. 
We support the innovative, challenging work of a variety of artists working in many genres. Our support to media artists extends beyond those working in video art to encompass those exploring diverse forms of time based art including experimental film, installation, documentary, animation, performance, new media, audio, and web based projects. We foster the long term vitality of the Alberta media arts community by providing tools, workshops and production incentive programs. Beyond our extensive support of artists, one of EMMEDIA’s achievements is the ongoing development of a culturally knowledgeable, multi-layered audience.

EMMEDIA is community driven; we respond to the needs and requests of Calgary artists, writers, curators, producers, EMMEDIA members and the interested public at large. In addition, EMMEDIA regularly presents programming and special events devoted to the Electronic Media Arts. We provide educational and advocacy resources to artists, and offer access to communication resources that assist artists in networking with other media artists and organizations worldwide.

General memberships can be purchased anytime by visiting EMMEDIA during office hours or mailing in the completed General Membership form along with payment by cheque. To become a Producer Member, you must contact the Production Director at production(at)

General Membership cost is $20 annually
Student Producer Membership cost is $20 annually (with valid student ID)
Individual Producer Membership cost is $65 annually
Organizational Producer Membership cost is $80 annually

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