EMMEDIA supports artists in the community through our Production Access Programs. Support includes access to workshops, production equipment, post-production facilities, and professional mentorship through the production process of a media artwork. We encourage the production of innovative and challenging work from a variety of artists working in any genre. Our support to media artists extends beyond those working in video to encompass diverse forms of time-based art including installation, documentary, narrative, animation, performance, new media, audio, and web-based projects.

Our goal is to support the growth and enable innovation in media arts production. This growth serves as a benchmark to reflect and build upon the diverse practices of our membership, continually raising the bar in our expectations of participants’ work at EMMEDIA.

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EMMEDIA has offered Production Access programs since 1984. The duration of these programs are roughly four months, running May to September. There is no prerequisite for EMMEDIA production access programs. A peer jury will select successful applicants based on the merit of previous work, and a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with other artists. Successful applicants will be placed in collaborative teams and projects will be developed and realized over the duration of the Production Access program using available resources and facilities at EMMEDIA.

Scholarship Program
Open to emerging artists that are interested in creating a collaborative production in video, audio or new media for the first time. Scholarship Producers will receive up to two free workshops in production and post-production, as well as creative and artistic development, enabling them to contribute to engaging and sophisticated first productions. Along with the free workshops, successful applicants will receive a free one-year producer membership and open access to equipment rentals and post-production facilities for the duration of the program.

Bars ‘n’ Tone Program
The Bars ‘n’ Tone Program is intended to support artists who have previously produced work and wish to continue their creative and technical development in collaboration with other artists. The focus of the Bars ‘n’ Tone Program is on refining and enhancing existing skills. Successful applicants will receive a free one-year producer membership, up to two free workshops and open access to equipment rentals and post-production facilities for the duration of the program.


Local artists are selected to create new works using EMMEDIA’s facilities. We encourage independent creative projects and research that explore the technologies of audio, video and new media. Applicants are asked to submit a proposal that includes a current CV, support material, project description and timeline, script, storyboard or treatment, formats to be used, detailed budget, and a description of a one-day workshop that the artist will facilitate. The Artist in Residence Program is open to more experienced artists and includes a free one year Producer membership, a $500 honorarium, as well as equipment and facility access up to a $4000 value for one year. We ask Local Artists in Residence to act as mentor to the community throughout their term. An honorarium of $25/hour is paid for all workshops given as part of EMMEDIA programming.


Applicants must submit the following:

» Project Description or Expression of Interest
» CV + Bio
» Artist statement
» Visual Support Material

Please submit all written materials in PDF format only.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Project Description (L.A.i.R. Only): Please submit a detailed project description including a script, storyboard or treatment and formats or equipment to be used if applicable, a project work plan, a detailed budget, and a description of a one-day workshop that the artist will facilitate. Your project description should give the jury a clear picture of your previous experience with media arts practices, if any, and your interest in this year’s theme.

Expression of Interest (Scholarship and Bars ‘n’ Tone Only): Please submit an expression of interest with a maximum of 500 words. The expression of interest should give the jury a clear picture of your previous experience with media arts practices, if any, your interest in this years theme SHIFT and any skills and ideas you can contribute to a collaborative project that will be developed during the program in coordination with other selected artists. You should also state the medium you would prefer to work with (ie. video, audio, web- based etc.) because the medium will be based on what is currently supported at EMMEDIA (Please refer to the production and post-production equipment list on our website). We cannot support the creation of works that uses copyrighted material, unless the applicant or group receives permission and provides a waiver prior to the completion of the work.

Curriculum Vitae + Artist Bio: Please send us your current CV (2 pages max) as well as a short artist bio (1 paragraph max)

Artist statement: Up to a maximum of 500 words, please reflect upon your artistic vision, the driving forces in your work and the principals on which you base your artistic practice.

Visual Support Material: (Accepted formats include: Mini DV/DVCam, HDV, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or files encoded as H.264 between 5 and 25mbps) Please include clips of previous work up to a maximum of 10 minutes and up to 20 jpeg images (1200 pixels maximum on the longest side). For work of longer durations, please be selective and choose segments that you feel best represents your work and ability. Your may also include relevant exhibition invites, press clipping etc. Support material will not be returned without a self addressed and stamped envelope included with your application. Please do not send masters or original artworks.

Please drop off or mail submissions to:

ATTN: Production Access
EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society
#203, 351 – 11 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0C7


Late, faxed or emailed submissions will not be accepted.

We keep the accepted applicants’ materials unless otherwise specified by applicants. It is the responsibility of applicant to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope, and specify what items are to be returned. It is the responsibility of those that don’t have a self-addressed and stamped envelope to contact EMMEDIA to arrange a date and time to pick up materials. Any unclaimed applicant materials will be discarded by June 1.

An independent peer jury is selected from the community by EMMEDIA’s Production Committee to review applications. Letters of acceptance or rejection will be sent to all applicants before May 15. Jurors’ names are not made public.

EMMEDIA is not obligated to provide why an applicant was not accepted. The grant is given based on applicants’ individual merits and needs, the artistic merit of previous works and demonstrated ability to execute a project within EMMEDIA’s parameters.


EMMEDIA will support artists in finishing projects with equipment access. One can apply for Finishing Funds or Open Access support at anytime. The number of projects supported is subject to funding and equipment availability.

Finishing Funds
EMMEDIA supports artists’ in-progress projects with provision of in-house editing and production equipment up to a value of $2000, including a producer membership valued at $65. The deadline is ongoing and the number of projects supported is subject to funding and equipment availability and acceptance by the Production Committee. To apply, an applicant must send a proposal for the in-progress project they wish to complete using EMMEDIA’s resources including a detailed budget, time-line, and relevant support material.

Open Access
The focus of Open Access is to aid in the production of long form video projects, giving participants up to one year to complete their projects. This program is directed toward intermediate and senior artists. Potential program participants are asked to submit a project proposal that includes current CV, script, storyboard or treatment, project description, detailed budget and relevant support material. The producers are encouraged to solicit the assistance of the scholarship & Bars ’n Tones participants as support crew whenever possible and preference is given to projects intending to utilize of a majority of EMMEDIA’s available equipment and resources. The number of projects supported annually is dependent on funding and the quality of submissions received.

If you have any questions about submissions or any of the Production Access programs, please contact:

Production Director