EMMEDIA’s Definition of Independent:
Independent projects are works initiated and created by an independent artist, where he/she is the driving force behind the project and maintains complete creative and editorial control over the work.

EMMEDIA’s Definition of Commercial:
Commercial projects are works created for industries of commercial new media, radio or television broadcasting. Commercial projects are differentiated from independent projects where the project is either created on contract for, or produced by, a government agency, private company, or corporation.

EMMEDIA’s equipment rates are heavily subsidized for the independent artist/producer or non-profit organization that retains artistic and copyright control. Priority is given to projects in this category. These heavily subsidized equipment rates are not available for work with ‘Commercial intent’. EMMEDIA does not support projects that are discriminatory in nature. Normally, equipment is available to properly trained Members only. However, a non-member may contract a Member to assist in the creation of their work with sole responsibility of the Member for booking, picking up, handling, and returning the gear. Members are required to disclose the nature and intent of the equipment use before renting through filling the Production Support Data Form.

“Member in Good Standing” means that all appropriate membership fees and any outstanding debts to the Society have been paid.


Members in good standing are entitled to 24-hour access to EMMEDIA’s facilities. Members (only) can arrange to borrow a set of keys by providing a cash deposit of $40, signing the agreement, and setting the dates for which they need the keys. For sake of security of the facility, keys are only assigned for a short period of time, normally maximum of one week, which is set by EMMEDIA staff while assigning the keys. If members require the keys for a longer period, they should repeat the booking process. They are expected to return the keys as soon as they are finished with them. Members assume full responsibility for the use of the keys and are not permitted to duplicate them. Their responsibility includes proper locking of ALL doors (including the Screening Room) and windows, shutting down equipment and setting the alarm. Failure to comply or leaving any mess behind in the facility may result in a loss of the deposit. Please refer to the “READ ME” sheet posted above the alarm for further instruction.


To rent equipment, you must be a Member in good standing. The member must demonstrate a sufficient level of competency, or they must have taken relevant workshops and training on the requested equipment at EMMEDIA, or other facilities. There is a 7 day waiting period for all new Members before any equipment booking can be made.

Members are required to disclose the nature and intent of equipment use before bookings can be made by submitting a MANDATORY Production Support Request form. All productions wishing to access EMMEDIA’s resources MUST be pre-approved by the Production Coordinator. Projects will be approved or denied based on artistic merit, availability of equipment and relevance to EMMEDIA’s mandate. Every booking sheet must clearly indicate the title of an approved production or equipment may not leave the premises, and access to editing facilities will be denied.

The Member shall not allow any person (other than EMMEDIA Members in good standing) to operate any of the equipment. The Member assumes all responsibility for any damage incurred to any equipment while it is in their posession. Members must NEVER, EVER leave equipment in their car or in a public area unsupervised. The Member is responsible for any damage to, or loss of equipment.

It is important to report any equipment damage or malfunction to the Production Coordinator in order to facilitate repair or replacement. Members must not attempt to take apart or repair equipment as it may void the warranty and/or insurance coverage.

Members must inform staff if they intend to take the equipment out of province. Out of Country rentals are not permitted unless proof of additional production insurance is provided. Members wishing to transport equipment by air must consult with the Production Coordinator to make necessary shipping arrangements prior to booking equipment.

Equipment may be picked up Monday through Friday between 2PM and 5PM, and may be dropped off Monday through Friday between 10AM and 1PM. If necessary any exceptions such as Saturday pick ups and/or drop offs MUST be pre-arranged with the Production Coordinator. Bookings will be invoiced when equipment is dropped off. The pick up day is included when calculating the number of billable days for any booking, but not the drop-off day. Weekend rentals are always billed a two day rental.

Members must allow at least 20 minutes for equipment pickup and 20 minutes for the equipment return when they come to EMMEDIA’s office in order to observe and document the equipment condition. On checkout, members must sign their equipment booking sheet, a contractual agreement acknowledging that all gear has been recieved in working condition. Upon return, members must sign off after staff has checked in the equipment. Members may be asked to sign individual checklists for equipment packages to keep track of accessory items.

EMMEDIA does not provide disposable batteries for equipment (AA, 9 Volt, etc.). Members must supply their own batteries, except for any proprietary rechargeable batteries that come with the camera packages.


Do not leave the viewfinder of any of the cameras turned upward allowing exposure to the sun. Damage occurs in the form of burnout on the LCD. Do not allow bright light, either sunlight or studio lights, to shine into the lens of the cameras for extended periods.


Members wishing to rent the HVX200 P2 camera or any Kinoflo Divalite must be an experienced camera operator or employ a qualified EMMEDIA Member. Pro equipment training sessions are available on demand for $25/hour. The Production Coordinator will make the final judgment on whether a member will be approved to operate pro camera and lighting equipment. If the member is empolying a qualified Member to operate the equipment, that member must sign the rental contract and be present during pick-up.


A Member may cancel a booking two full working days prior to the booking date without charge. Cancellations made one full working day before the booking will be charged at 50%, and cancellations made on the day of the booking and no-shows will be charged the full rate.

Equipment returned late is subject to an additional 1/2 day rental charge for the first 5 hours and a further full day charge each day thereafter until the equipment has been returned. If the equipment is booked back to back, the member will be notified at least one day before the return date. Any delay in returning the gear that is booked back to back, or late returns that overlap another member’s booking may result in loss and/or suspension of the members rental privileges.


EMMEDIA’s edit suites are reconfigured on a per project basis. Members must specify deck requirements when booking the room, otherwise there is no guarantee the required decks will be available. It is mandatory that the Edit Suite users sign in and sign out on the log sheet located at the entrance of the suites to track all hours spent in the suite. Members who use a suite and do not log their hours will be charged at the full day rate for the Suite. All project folders stored on local drives must include the members name, for example: “Jane Smith – Documentary Project”, to make their files easy to identify and to reduce the risk of files being accidentally erased from the computer hard drives.

Members are responsible for backing up their project files. It is mandatory that members who use Final Cut Pro set the path for scratch disk, etc to their project folder before starting work each time they use the Edit Suite to ensure their assets aren’t mixed up with others. EMMEDIA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF MEDIA ASSETS OR PROJECT FILES.

Due to hard-drive space restrictions, it is essential that the Production Coordinator is aware of whose media is on the computer and how long they need it to be there. It is the member’s responsibility to back up their files to disk or personal portable hard-drives. Projects that are inactive for 14 days will be automatically deleted off the system to clear up needed hard-drive space. Members are strongly encouraged to supply their own external hard-drives for their media storage. Members with projects requiring more than 14 days to complete, either consecutive or non-consectutive, must supply their own external storage for their media files. The Production Coordinator can make recommendations for project appropriate storage hardware.

Members are not allowed to reconfigure the hardware, wiring, menu settings in the deck or video monitor, or preferences of the applications or operating system without first consulting with the Production Coordinator. Members are required to remove their personal belongings from the Edit Suite after their use, and clean up after themselves.

» Log your time editing in the log sheets. If you do not log your time, you will be charged for the entire day you have the suite booked, not the time you used.

» No food or drink in the suites.

» Only save files to your folder with name and project name. Other folders will be deleted. Back up your files to your personal disk.

» Do not re-patch cables or change system settings.

» Power down computer, speakers and hardware when finished.

» Do not connect to the internet. If you want access to email/internet, member computers are available in main office area.

» Disorderly suites will be charged for clean-up time.

Production equipment can be used in Post-Production suites at no charge but may not be booked in advance. If you wish to book equipment in advance, regular rates will apply.


We ask that large projects be rendered overnight, to prevent interference with other members access to the room. Overnight compression and render time is free of charge.


Members are responsible to ensure that EMMEDIA receives credit on their work, copies of any promotional material, and data support information such as running time, synopsis etc. Members must provide the EMMEDIA archive with a high quality format final copy of all projects produced with EMMEDIA’s resources.

Our archives are proof to our funders that we are fulfilling our mandate. Up-to-date archives insure future funding to the organization. Having copies of tapes produced at EMMEDIA is very important to us and to the members at large. EMMEDIA will not screen archive tapes (excluding in-house workshops) without the artist’s consent. EMMEDIA pays CARFAC rates for public screenings.

Members are expected to inform staff when they are finished their project. Together, they will review their booking sheets, edit suite sign-in sheet and tape stock book so that accurate invoicing can take place. Members maintain full copyright and creative control of their work at all times.


Members are not permitted to install software into any of EMMEDIA’s computers without consulting the staff. Conflicts can arise that cause serious problems with the hard drives.


Members may access the screening room for non-commercial rehearsals, auditions, productions or meetings. The room can be booked for $50 per event for non-commercial events and $100 per event for commercial events. Any event where there is a cost for admission is considered to be a commercial event and an additional $200 damage deposit will be required. In order to book the room, the Member must be in good standing. Members are asked to clean up after themselves, take all their own materials with them, remove tape from the floor or walls, and repair any damage to walls or paint. Members wishing to make installations for more than one day must obtain approval from the Production  Director.

The Screening Room is heavily used by our Members. Interested members are urged to contact EMMEDIA and book the facility well in advance. The member must make arrangements with EMMEDIA staff to drop by the office and sign the screening room agreement, obtain keys, and pay the deposit if required by cash or cheque. This should take place at least one working day prior to the event before 4PM. A ten-minute walk-through and proper security demo is required at this time. The $200 dollar deposit for commercial events will not be returned to the member if there is any damage to the facility or if it is not cleaned up properly after use.

The Screening Room space must be left clean and organized. Meaning all furniture in the lobby returned to their prior arrangement, kitchen area cleaned if used, and bathroom and kitchen garbages emptied.

The main entrance doors to EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society are closed after 5pm. If a member wishes to hold an event in which multiple people are attending, they will need to have a person by the door, or make use of the intercom system. Propping of the doors is considered a violation of the space rental agreement and access privileges may be suspended.

Any technical considerations for use of the screening room equipment must be addressed at least three days prior to an event. A $25 technician fee will be charged for any technical assistance required if prior arrangements have not been made.

If liquor will be served at an event, the member responsible for the event must obtain a Single Event Liquor License from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. The member must provide proof of licensing to EMMEDIA prior to the event. Failure to comply may result in loss of access privileges and/or cancellation of the event booking. Liquor may be stored in the fridge three hours prior to event and all unused liquor must be removed from EMMEDIA immediately after the event. The member is responsible for cleaning up the kitchen space and arranging removal of any empty bottles.

Members may book the screening room for private screenings. Proposals for public screenings must be presented to the Programming Director.


Workshop fees are payable by cash or cheque at the time of registration. If registration is done by phone or email, the participant must drop off payment at least 7 days in advance of the workshop. A $30 admin fee will be added to any workshop fees payed on the first day of the workshop. Cancellations may be made 48 hours in advance at no charge. Any cancellation made with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at the full rate.


EMMEDIA requires payment in full upon return of rented equipment. Members in Good Standing can pay 50% on return and the remaining amount within 30 days. EMMEDIA reserves the right to withhold equipment rentals to members with outstanding bills. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts NET 30 days at a rate of 2% per month. Equipment Access privileges will be suspended for members with derelict accounts.


EMMEDIA insures all equipment for vandalism, theft or fire on-site, off-site and in transit, with a $1000.00 deductible, which the Member agrees to assume in the case of an insurance claim. Willful or accidental damage is not covered and the Member is responsible for the total cost of repair or replacement in such a situation. The Members understand that equipment rentals and Facility access are subject to Media’s objectives and by-laws.