PARTICLE + WAVE 2020: Afterparty

PARTICLE + WAVE: Afterparty
Location: Cold Garden – 1100 11 St SE
Saturday, February 1, 2020
Time: 10PM – 12AM (Doors at 9:30PM)
FREE Admission

Featuring performances by Notfortheireyes (Edmonton), Markov (Calgary) and HomeSick (Calgary).

Come grab a pint and celebrate the last night of PARTICLE + WAVE, while enjoying a live media art performance and mingling with the festival artists!

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Notfortheireyes (Evan Pearce) is a VJ, Video Editor, Creative Director and Producer. Evan’s main focus is on abstract and experimental video collaging. He began his career by editing music videos with found footage, and credits this as being the catalyst in his pursuit of visual arts. Evan incorporates a massive variety of content into his visual aesthetic, and mobilizes live editing and projection mapping into his VJ sets. Live editing allows him to manipulate pre-existing content he’s made to create a generative and unified atmosphere with the performers and audience. Evan has not limited himself to a certain technique. Always approaching his craft as a vessel for continual abstract expression, Evan strives to learn new methods to leave the viewer feeling disturbed albeit in awe by the whole experience.

Evan has performed nationally and internationally including Berlin Psych Fest, Nuit Blanche, Levitation, Sled Island, and New Forms Festival. In the fall of 2018 he toured across North America with Gus Dapperton and Beshken. Since then he has been performing continuously throughout Western Canada, working with artists including Cartel Madras, Minimal Violence and LA COP. He had a residency from 2017-19 at a warehouse space called Transient where he often did visuals at after hours raves and has worked with Blueprint, and Boodang.

As a video editor, Evan has done creative and commercial work including music videos for a variety of acts. His current catalogue includes acts such as: Preoccupations, Overland and LA COP. The most notable commercial work he has done entailed building MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) with Onlea for the University of Alberta.

As a Creative Director and Producer, he has been able to get diverse groups of unique, and wildly talented individuals together to curate live shows, video and photoshoots. He has collaborated with photographers whose work has been featured in Vogue Italia, TOKSICK MAGAZINE, and other online publications. He has promoted and curated multiple live shows over the years, most recently Glitter Saloon in collaboration with Night Comfort, a queer cabaret dance party that was put on at a strip club in downtown Edmonton. He is currently producing and curating an art show at Parallel Space for Spring 2020.

Markov is a new project by Calgary artist Evangelos Lambrinoudis II (Sanctums, Corinthian, Past Perfect, Low Poly, Form) that detours from the abstract atonal sci-fi horror influenced sounds that have become familiar in his other projects, for a new bold venture into fast pace, hard, melodic, and sometimes uplifting gothic rave techno. The Club Hell rave scene in Matrix 3, Blade II, and Boiler Room’s Hard Dance section are strong points of reference for this material with stronger references to early 00’s trance, Hardstyle, Gabber, and his coined term “breakbeat rap metal”. This is live stomping techno for the real sweat ravers combine with a sanguine visual aesthetic that feels at home in the cavernous abandon mountain tunnels of Alberta’s Rockies. Markov performs both vinyl DJ sets and heavy pounding hardware performances of entirely original compositions. His debut live set includes 2x 303 clones, analog drum machines, twisted octatrak manipulations, and feverish live sequencing.

HomeSick’s bold and multifaceted productions have earned support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, DJ Craze and Addison Groove. 2019 saw HomeSick’s debut 12” vinyl release, ‘Burnout 2099’, sell out before release date before his excursion on many tours spanning China, Europe and the US. After HomeSick’s wildest summer festival tour yet, including dates at Western Canadian mainstays Bass Coast and Shambhala, HomeSick is preparing for an exciting 2020.

As an alumnus of Red Bull Music Academy, he continues going from strength to strength, cementing his reputation as a boundary-breaker and a global contender in avant-garde bass music.

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