Cinemusic Live: Destroy All Planets

by Cinemusic Live!

Friday, August 16, 2019 @ 7PM – 10:30PM
Central Memorial Park – 1221 2 Street SW (behind Memorial Park Library)

Presented by EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society
Sponsored by Calgary Public Library, City of Calgary, Beltline Neighbourhoods Association and CJSW

CineMusic Live (CML) presents a live event featuring talent from over fifteen local artists and performers! Enjoy magic, music, comedy, and a final performance to re-dub and re-score a parodic re-edition of a classic Japanese kaiju monster film, Destroy All Planets.

This outdoor affair takes place in the beautiful Central Memorial Park behind Memorial Park Library. The night will open with a DJ, music from The Daring Nomads, and a magic show with James Jordan. After sundown, musicians, voice actors, and a foley artist will gather to re-dub an improvised narrative over the parodic revision of Destroy All Planets.

 This unique, one-night event filled with some of Calgary’s best, upcoming talent cannot be replicated
 so you won’t want to miss it!

CineMusic Live is a local artist collective merging disparate creative forms into one-night events,
creating more opportunities for artistic showcasing and unconventional collaboration. The collective
is especially known for bringing together musicians, voice actors, and foley artists to re-edit, re-dub
and re-score film in a live, improvised, and parodic manner. You can follow Cinemusic Live for updates on Facebook (@cinemusicliveyyc) and Instagram (@cinemusiclive).


7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.              DJ Opens

8:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.              Musical Act: The Daring Nomads

8:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.              Magician: James Jordan

9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.            CineMusic Live: Destroy All Planets Performance


Garrett Cooper – Cooper is the musical director for the event’s show, and also takes the role of the collective’s graphic designer and collective leader. Cooper has a B.F.A. in Painting and has recently been admitted into the Toronto Film School’s Graphic Design and Interactive Media Program. Follow him on Instagram: @art_gmfc

Jared Tailfeathers – Tailfeathers is a multi-disciplinary artist, instrumentalist, inventor, luthier, and author. He performs with the musical acts: The Green Tailfeathers, Ride The Sky, and The Daring Nomads. Tailfeathers is the head musical director for CineMusic Live, but will be taking the role of a musician for both the opening act with The Daring Nomads, and as an improvising musician for the Destroy All Planets performance. Follow him on Instagram: @jaredtailfeathers

Niall Watson – Watson began improvising with the Kinkonauts in early 2016, participating in, and staying up through all of the company’s 26-Hour Improv Marathons. Niall works with CineMusic Live as the voice-cast director to further delight audiences. Follow him on Instagram: @lower.nile

Jade Alexis Morter – Morter manages communications and public relations for CineMusic Live, and takes the role of the event photographer during shows. Beyond CineMusic Live, she is the founder of the upcoming online community, The Menstrual Collective, and offers freelance communications services through TypeRight Solutions. Follow her on Instagram: @jadealexismorter, Websites:,

Greg Mckenna – Videographer, Greg McKenna, is a recently graduated filmmaker from SAIT’s Film and Video Production program. His interests range from pre- to post production, including writing, directing, camera operation, and editing. Follow him on Instagram: @gregmck_

Christian Kostyniuk – Kostyniuk is the new, yet very valuable addition to the CineMusic Live team. Graduated from SAIT, Kostyniuk dedicates his time to making films and perfecting his work. You can find much of his work through the ThunderLizard Collective. Follow him on Instagram or Facebook: @ThunderLizardCollective

Daniel Cleghorn - Cleghorn is CineMusic Live’s Creative Facilitator and Advisor. The ACAD graduate works in the realm of sculpture, performance, and mixed media. Cleghorn is currently a program facilitator with Prospect Human Services where he teaches adults with disabilities workable skills through art and outdoor programming. Follow him on Instagram: @cleghorndaniel


The Daring Nomads

The Daring Nomads is a band made up of a revolving door of musicians who play unconventional and prototype instrumentation that collaborates with broad cultural backgrounds. The music is rhythmically upbeat and a fascinating combination of genres, creating an atmosphere for sound immersion. For CineMusic Live: Destroy All Planets, The Daring Nomads will feature Jared Tailfeathers – one of CineMusic Live’s co-founders – as well as Matthew Springer, who has been featured in a handful of CineMusic Live shows in the past.

James Jordan

James Jordan has spent his life developing a unique blend of comedy, magic, music, and juggling. He has been highly praised by festivals, cabaret theatres, bars, corporate parties, and kids! No matter where he is, his act is sure to please. Jordan will open for the final CineMusic Live performance with his magical act, as well as MC for the night’s show. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook: @JJordanmagic, Website:


Matthew Springer – Springer is a multidisciplinary artist working with various mediums such as photography, illustration, and sound/sonic exploration. Springer focuses on the experimentation of imaginary and subconscious spaces within our thoughts. He is currently enrolled in his 5th year of photography at ACAD. Springer will be playing both as part of The Daring Nomads and as an improvising musician. Follow him on Instagram: @springatus

Hayden Dallison – Dallison has been playing music for over a decade, starting in high school with local punk band, The Prabes. Since then, he’s played in a number of local bands including Ride the Sky, and most recently, Time Boy. Dallison will be playing the guitar as an improvising musician for the CineMusic Live show. Follow him on Instagram: @hayden_dallison

Adam Funk – While an engineer by day, Funk has been an active member of the local music scene. Playing music with guitar-focused groups, Funk looks forward to expanding his musical horizons, and is happy to offer his talents to CineMusic Live. Follow him on Instagram: @adamrfunk

Michael Harvey – Harvey has been involved in the Calgary theatre community for over 25 years. Although he has evolved into the digital era, he’s now circled back to the roots of sound design and the magic of live foley with his impressive setup. When he’s not performing, Michael teaches Improv at the Calgary Improv School, and the Kinkonauts’ Drop-In Improv classes.


Logan Teske ­- Teske is an emerging Calgary-based actor, creator, and improviser, with a long list of credits including, but not limited to Canmore’s One-Act Festival and many shows with the Kinkonauts: Calgary’s Improv Lab.

Bonnie Robinson – Bonnie first started improv as a way to get over her stage fright and social anxiety. Upon taking classes, she quickly fell in love with the art form. The rest is history. Follow her on Instagram: @bonspiel

Nick Haywood – Haywood is an improviser and filmmaker with co-production, writing, and acting experience from the Storyhive web series, The PsyBorgs. He is one-third of the genre film production company, Beta Force Carbon. Follow him on Instagram: @nickexpress

Jess Belbin – Belbin has been performing and practicing Long-Form Improv for ten years, including performing with the troupes, Dreamtoast, Built for Comfort, Duckface and Star Fleet Confidential at the Kinkonauts Long-Form Improv Theatre. With a background as an on-air radio personality, you may come across Belbin hosting live events on stage.

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