CineMusic Live: Thunderbirds

EMMEDIA & Sled Island Visual Art present

Sunday, June 23, 2019 @ 12:30 – 1PM
Globe Cinema – 617 8 Ave SW
General Admission: $12 at

Enjoy CineMusic Live as they re-dub and rescore the classic television series, Thunderbirds! Afterwards, enjoy a screening of the feature-length documentary Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project. Presented as part of Sled Island Arts & Music Festival.

CineMusic Live features local musicians, comedians and foley artists in a performance that takes film and deconstructs it into separate components – motion picture, voice acting, and musical score – which are then reconstituted into an original experience with live improvisations over the recut, and now silent film. By bringing these different disciplines together under one roof, CineMusic Live brings together a rich community of creators and a public that is hungry for new and unexpected combinations of the familiar and the unfamiliar.

CineMusic Live is a performance collective that brings together an array of local media artists, musicians, and improvisers who edit, rescore, and redub public-domain films, creating an engaging, live mixed-media performance that is accessible for all audiences. We pride ourselves on having a rotating slate of talented performers as it exposes varying arts disciplines to larger communities, while supporting the affiliated artists along the way. The core members include Garrett Cooper, Jared Tailfeathers, Jade Alexis Morter, Christian Kostyniuk, Greg McKenna, Niall Watson, and Daniel Cleghorn. For more information, go to:

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