Video Experimentation in VDMX5

Date: Sat. April 20th, 2019
Time: 1PM – 5PM
Location: EMMEDIA — 2005 10 Ave SW
Instructor: Kaely Dekker

In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn how to use VDMX5, a software tool for creating video art. VDMX makes video malleable, letting users modify and mix content in real time, with the potential to incorporate data from MIDI instruments, audio sources, or other software. During the workshop, you will be able to mix your own video from clips you bring in or record on the day to test how your practice can utilize this tool.

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About Our Instructor:

Kaely Dekker or SNLPNTR (snailpainter) is a visual artist working in live cinema, photography, and filmmaking. Kaely uses analog and digital technology to create static and performance driven media works as well as video design for theatre. Utilizing footage shot around the world and sampling our vast cultural heritage of time-based visual media, Kaely constructs evolving visual compositions which react to and envisage the shape, texture, contrast, and colours of the music they accompany. Working with local and international musical artists, Kaely has crafted live cinema installations at arts and music festivals, galleries, and night clubs here in western Canada (The High Performance Rodeo, Motion Notion, Inshala, FozzyFest, Mad Hatter) and further afield in Thailand (Infinity in Koh Tao) and Sweden (Kulturnatta in Göteborg).

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