Animovies! 2019


Presented by CAOS and EMMEDIA

Saturday, March 16, 2019 @ 4:30PM
Calgary Central Library (Meeting Room 14) – 800 3 St SE
$10.35 Admission | Purchase here

Science Fiction and the Human Condition
Curated by Janine Windolph

When watching science fiction films, our future tends to look bleak, conveying the negative impact that humans have with the world. This often makes one question the good in humanity, and in our role here on Earth. Curated by Regina filmmaker Janine Windolph, this fascinating and entertaining program of shorts from around the world uses stop-motion, puppetry, and animated objects to explore the human condition in relation with the land, the environment and space. This curated screening was created through EMMEDIA’s Homegrown Curatorial Program.

About the Curator:

Janine Windolph creates short documentaries like Lifegivers: Honoring Our Elders and Children, and Stories from the Bones. She also has a love for puppetry and recently produced a number of films with Trudy Stewart. Her thesis More Questions than Ancestors: Decolonizing Family History utilizing Personal Documentary and Oral Storytelling earned her a Master of Fine Arts Interdisciplinary in Media Production. Currently, Janine is the Curator of Public Programs at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina.


Calgary Animated Objects Society is dedicated to creative expression through the arts of mask, puppetry, and object animation, inspiring people of all backgrounds to discover and articulate their stories. By amplifying voices through acts of radical creativity, CAOS exists to connect people and communities to each other and our world. For more info, go to:


Lilly Goes Fishing
The Bum Family | 8 mins | Canada

A giant orange monster embarks on an adventure at a lakeside fishing camp with her friend Fluffle. Will Lilly discover the mysterious secret that lurks below the surface of the lake?

The Bum Family are a group of 6 cousins from Calgary, Canada, who create short animated movies together. Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie (ages 15, 14 and 11), and Berlin, Ocean and Sol (ages 15, 12 and 8 ) write their stories, create the artwork, direct, animate and voice their movies. Their short films have screened at over 100 film festivals, and have won awards for Audience Favourite and Best Animation. They recently made a short film for pre-schoolers for Sesame Street.

Lee Tomik | 4 min | USA

A child holds on to creativity, playfulness, and magic on her tenth birthday in the face of a sobering reality – her grandfather is dying.

Lee Tomik is an artist and animator from Binghamton, New York who graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in May of 2017. Americana is her thesis film.

Outside Hearing In
Savannah Winchester and Dylan Reitz | 7 min | USA

Previously content all on his own, Calvin, finds himself in a position to hear with extreme detail the soundtracks of lives far beyond his own doorstep. The cacophony of life’s sounds is at first unbearable but when Calvin finds a way to tune into them individually; he begins to find the noises, stories, conversations, and rambling comforting and familiar. Calvin sets out to build his own radio tower and transmit his gift – broadcasting the intangible with those that need reminders that they are not alone.

Savannah Winchester is an New York based filmmaker, animator, and production designer. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in film and television in 2013. She has directed several short films including Facing the Toad and Poor Darlings.

Dylan Reitz is an American artist based in New York City. He graduated with a BFA from New York University with a focus in sculpture and painting in 2013. In his practice he creates organic immersive environments in a number of media such as woodworking, printmaking, painting, and now stop motion animation.

Rachael Wenona Guy |  8 min | Australia

Secessionist is the story of conjoined twins at odds with each other. The film is based on a poem by Australian poet Andy Jackson, and is a unique interweaving of puppetry, stop-motion animation and lyrical language. Secessionist shifts between acute tenderness and disquieting tension and focuses on the psychology and experience of shared embodiment, while hinting at a more universal conundrum – the conflict between our desire for autonomy and the fact of our interdependence.

Secessionist is a collaboration between puppet theatre maker Rachael Wenona Guy and videographer Leonie van Eyk. Rachael is a multifaceted artist creating puppet-based, visual theatre for adults and Leonie is a multi-disciplinary artist who’s practice encompasses videography, arts education, animation and projection. This animation was created as part of a larger theatre work exploring bodily diversity and otherness called Each Map of Scars.

Black Dog
Joshua Tuthill | 15 min | USA

Utilizing archival footage and stop-motion animation, Black Dog is set during the US and USSR space race of the 1960’s amidst a time of heated social and political tension. Two brothers must deal with the sudden loss of their parents. As one falls into the darkness of a troubled marriage, the other must find an escape from the evil that is devouring his family.

Joshua Tuthill’s work has focused on existential sub-conscious narratives with an emphasis on humankind’s interaction with the world around them. His recent work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally including festivals such as the 24th Slamdance Film Festival, the 45th Athens International Film + Video Festival, and the 25th Chicago Underground Film Festival. Joshua’s newest film, Black Dog, premiered at the 29th Message to Man International Film Festival and has received the Jury’s Choice Award at the 37th Black Maria Film Festival and the Award for Artistic Contribution from the 28th Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.

Only Savages
Ben Page | 8 min | USA

An interplanetary mission of destruction goes wrong when two starship pilots discover their target is an inhabited planet.

Inspired by classics such as The Dark Crystal and Thunderbirds, Ben Page writes and directs films that fuse the ancient art of puppetry with the modern art of cinema. His short Only Savages placed in the “Best Of” at the 2017 National Puppetry Festival Film Festival and won Best Picture at the 2018 Richmond Filmmakers Showcase. His first feature, Hotel Jupiter, is now in development.

Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm
Gerry Anderson | 9 min | UK

Thanks to technological improvements, by 2099, climate change has been brought under control, food and energy are plentiful, and violence has all but disappeared. But just when people are at their most contented, the problems start… Explosions, sabotage, kidnap, large-scale thefts of military equipment… the perpetrators are unknown. STORM FORCE is created, drawing from the best flight, engineering, scientific, nano-robotics, medical, strategic and quantum computing talent from around to globe, to fight this mysterious assailant. Their secret operation codename… FIRESTORM. As they investigate the incidents, they find evidence suggesting the attackers are alien. Advanced technology beyond 22nd century capabilities. But as their investigations continue – the truth gradually becomes clear.

Jamie Anderson is the younger son of producer Gerry Anderson – the creator of Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5, Space: 1999 and countless other cult TV classics. Jamie had always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps since an early age – spending huge amounts of time with Gerry at Pinewood Studios and Cosgrove Hall in Manchester when he was growing up. Now, as director of Anderson Entertainment, Jamie is the man tasked with keeping the Gerry Anderson legacy alive, but also developing Gerry’s unfinished works. As well as a variety of TV and film projects in development, Jamie has written, produced or directed over 60 stories with Big Finish Productions including writing 3 classic Doctor Who audio stories.

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