PARTICLE + WAVE: Feature Night 2019

PARTICLE + WAVE: Feature Night
Location: Festival Hall – 1215 10th Ave SE
Time: 8:30PM – 10:30PM (Doors at 8PM)
Tickets: $15 in advance/ $20 at the door
Purchase tickets at:

Performances by ev/jv (Evelyn Delgado & Jeff Read, Edmonton), Manufacturing Entertainment (Julie Gendron & Emma Hendrix, Winnipeg) and SNLPNTR (Kaely Dekker, Calgary)
Interactive Installation by Quartet in Transit (Jack Michielsen & Teresa Tam, Calgary)

On the feature night of PARTICLE + WAVE, we explore the many facets of media arts, including audio, video, animation and digital interfaces. Be immersed in media arts with performances incorporating projections and soundscapes that are mixed live before your eyes. Experience an interactive installation in the lobby that gives you a chance to try out a vacation destination if only for a brief moment. This is a night that showcases the ever-changing technological tools and processes, and the artists who utilize them in amazingly creative ways.

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Lullabies for Robotic Children

Lullabies for Robotic Children are 4 chapters in the life of a young being. Bombarded by media, children speak the language of robots whose experiences and memories have been pre-programmed by filters, edits, and retouches: predetermined by forgotten histories. Reprogramming might be possible, but if it not, robotic children grow into robotic adults.

Evelyn and Jeff have been collaborating on art since studying together at Concordia University in the early 2000s. Working on music composition and musical visualization that includes puppetry, projections and animation. Recently, they have become reluctant Edmontonians missing chinooks all winter.

When Once There Was
Manufacturing Entertainment

When Once There Was is a live performance using audio and video footage captured from various sources of the Peace River Valley in British Columbia, an area approved by the BC Government to be flooded as a consequence of the development of the third and largest hydroelectric dam in the area, known as Site ‘C’ dam. Site ‘C’ has strong local opposition; from farmers losing fertile land to First Nations losing culturally significant areas and a loss of wildlife habitat.

The video juxtaposes multiple, raw layers of riverbeds, shorelines and other threatened areas with the desolate footage of the dam construction, set to a soundtrack of ‘micro-drones,’ inspired by, and created with, recordings from the depths of the Peace River’s largest dam, the W.A.C. Bennett Dam.

Manufacturing Entertainment are artists Julie Gendron + Emma Hendrix. Collaborating for over 14 years, they use multiple mediums, including video, sound, installation, analog/digital technologies, the internet, and performance.
Gendron + Hendrix began together working as improvised audiovisual performers within the new music community. They also develop interactive and immersive sound based installation, most notably, don’t stop, which has exhibited and received recognition in Canada, Sweden, Spain and Japan. Other works include audio tape players and a waterbed (noise/denoise) , a dryer and a rocking chair (39bpm), an iPhone app (iDon’tStop) and an online collaborative Processing generative image making application (Permanent Deviation).

Using sound, installation and visual forms, Hendrix + Gendron take every day actions, objects and environments, and manipulate them in order to conjure multiple meanings in an unending exploration within themselves and, in turn, form new points of view for their audiences. They create in order to express the vague and the conspicuous, and to exemplify the creative capacities of observers and participants.


MODAL is a live-mixed video/audio performance reflecting on the shape, texture, colour, and tempo of human modified environments and the ways we move through and perceive such spaces. Sampled visual data is modified, contrasted, and re-contextualized, manually tuning through multiple levels of abstraction and temporal modification to generate a non-narrative visual exploration of modalities of motion, place, sound, and the passage of time.

SNLPNTR is a Calgary-based visual artist working in static and time-based visual media, focusing on live-video performance and large-scale interactive multi-media installations. SNLPNTR has presented live-video performances at arts and music festivals in western Canada, Europe, and Asia, exhibited experimental film work in the UK, designed projection for theatrical productions in Calgary, and is a member of the Lo Definition and BowWave artist collectives.

Trial Mode Instant Vacations
Quartet in Transit

Holidays are over. Feelings of vacation ebb away and regular life seems especially dreary. Everyday life returns to its mundane habits. Winter is around for a while longer and tax season is approaching. What remains from vacation are the photos taken and kept, captured moments — genuine or not, does not matter as much as having proof of performing being somewhere else. In vacation photos, we impose ourselves into landscapes, scenarios and body languages that tries to convince everyone that we look happy and have escaped routine. Though why go somewhere when you can fake it? To ease into the renewed daily grind, we give people the chance to imagine and share a happier place during a dreadful time. It is a new year and perhaps there are desires for a better future despite the antagonistic present day. Trial Mode Instant Vacations (TMI Vacations) is a green screen, self-serve photo booth that lets you take selfie-like photos in a non-descript vacation location — fully equipped with filters and stickers to add some fun to your memories!

Quartet in Transit (Q.i.T.) is a new media collective that examines the effects of digital interfaces with human bodies. We are interested in how human interactions with digital technology can reframe and re-imagine life. Past projects include Recover-Only Memories for NEXT2015 and Stand-in Tourism in IKGLIVE2. Currently, Q.i.T. consists of Jack Michielsen and Teresa Tam.

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