a quiet flamenco

a quiet flamenco
Rosanna Terracciano

Location: EMMEDIA Gallery – 2005 10 Ave SW
February 1 – March 2, 2019 (Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 12-6PM, closed on Feb 16)
Durational Performance: Saturdays @ 2-4PM (except Feb 16)
Opening Reception: February 1, 2019 @ 7-10PM (Durational Performance @ 8-9PM)
FREE admission

a quiet flamenco exposes the introverted and vulnerable aspects of flamenco dance through interlapping/contrasting/complementing/experimenting works in sound and film. It is an immersive sensory experience, which makes space, opens space and allows space for perhaps unexpected variations of flamenco expression.

Included are six experimental films — each shot and created by Terracciano — of Canadian flamenco artists revealing themselves with each new creation and expression, including Myriam Allard (Montréal), Sarah Bronsard (Montréal), Veronica Maguire (Victoria), Claire Marchand (Ottawa/Winnipeg), Oscar Nieto (Vancouver) and Jane Ogilvie (Edmonton).

Periods of scheduled durational performance will also be scheduled, where Terracciano will interact with the installation, offering an intimate glimpse into her own personal interaction with the quiet and gentle flamenco world she has created. “I want each of us to find ourselves in a flamenco song or dance. I want flamenco to find itself in each of us. I want us all to meet each other — maybe all over again, and maybe for the first time.”

Rosanna Terracciano experiments within and around the boundaries of flamenco, dance, contemporary performance and short film, driven by an urgency to expose the vulnerable and introverted sides of flamenco. Critical to her art practice is her identity as an Italian-Canadian born in Calgary, dedicated to uncovering the many possibilities of flamenco and to giving place to her work and the tradition of her art form within the context of where she lives. Her solo performance works and short films have been presented throughout Canada and Europe, including: performances at the Bienal de Flamenco (Sevilla), Coetani Experimental Flamenco Festival (Athens), Flamenco Empirico (Barcelona), Expanse Festival (Edmonton), Fluid Festival (Calgary) and a self-presented studio tour to Berlin, London and Vienna; and film screenings at the Âjagemô art space at the Canada Council for the Arts (Ottawa), Reeling Dance on Screen (Edmonton), Prairie Tales (Alberta), Festival of Short Flamenco Films (Madrid/Brazil) and various EMMEDIA member screenings (Calgary). She is the 2017 recipient of the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize for dance from the Canada Council for the Arts.

“Terracciano’s work is daring. It is powerful. It is feminine. It is poetic…The sensitive balance between past and present is written all over her work.”
- Myriam Allard, Co-Artistic Director of La Otra Orilla (Montreal)

“Terracciano’s work highlights and also offers contrasts of cultural, political and social content that belong to her and to flamenco itself. Through her work, I have come to know a type of flamenco that — reaching us from another corner of the world — walks in unison with contemporary approaches within the dance and movement arts of today.”
- Juan Carlos Lérida, Founder of Flamenco Empirico (Barcelona)

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