Ideational Apraxia

Ideational Apraxia
Kerry Maguire & Gwen Morgan

Exhibition Dates: October 2 – November 3, 2018
EMMEDIA Screening Room
Gallery Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays @ 12-6PM (Closed October 6 for Thanksgiving)
Abject Cooking Class Opening Performance: Tuesday, October 2 @ 8:00 PM

Ideational Apraxia is a collaborative video and performative artwork in which the artists, as their abjectly cartoon­ish housewife alter egos, take to home economics and moments of domes­tic leisure in ways that promise to be wrong, botching each task as a means towards generative thinking and doing.

Ostensibly a view into the daily routines of two women (irreverently) keeping house, Ideational Apraxia borrows everyday household implements and the contents of a femme purse, dis­covering and diverting the domestic system implied by these objects.

In interacting with these tools- docu­ments that create a diagram of domestic life and culture- each performance toys with the use, and therefore the relationship, between women, domes­ticity, and the objects that help us perform. The domestic art performed in Ideational Apraxia is upended us­ing physical comedy, absurdity, erotics, and sound, imagining new possibilities in an indentured system encompassing gendered emotional and physical labour.

Kerry Maguire and Gwen Morgan (Calgary, Alberta) have worked together numerous times over the years both on art and music projects. Together they combine their artistic skills, knowledge, and research to create installations with sound, sculpture, performance, and video elements that overload the senses. As a duo they have participated in residencies and per­formed internationally. They have formed a minimal electronic/electroacoustic two-piece as well as been in multiple punk bands together. Separately, Kerry pursues ideas found in speculative realism while Gwen’s installtions expose the intersec­tions of identity, gender, and technology.

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