Logical Conclusion

Kathryn Blair
June 1- 29, 2018 | EMMEDIA Gallery – 2005 10 Ave SW
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday @ 12-6PM
Opening Reception: June 1, 2018 @ 7 – 10PM

Logical Conclusion is a collection of logic puzzles, which follow the logic of real algorithms that are being used to make decisions about people, from Trust Scores that the Chinese government is issuing to its citizens, to the Facebook news feed algorithm. Step into this school for young algorithms and see how they “think” by completing the puzzles for yourself. Each one is accompanied by an illustration – as though it were part of an elementary school primer. Read the puzzles, then move the pieces (statements which make up each premise) around, eliminating repeated elements as you go, creating a logical chain to lead you to the “correct” conclusion, given that all the statements must be taken as fact. At least as far as the computer is concerned. Do you think the first-order logic behind these puzzles, which mirrors the first order logic used by computers, leads to logical conclusions?

Kathryn Blair is a Master of Fine Arts Candidate in the Department of Art at the University of Calgary. Her work focuses on how technology mediates human experiences, using wearable technology, physical computing and puzzles to explore these themes. She aims to create experiences that examine the status quo of our relationship with technology by throwing that relationship into stark relief. She has been involved in the Calgary-based tech couture fashion show Make Fashion since 2013, and has shown her wearable technology work in British Columbia, the United States and Ireland.

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