PARTICLE + WAVE: Feature Night

PARTICLE + WAVE: Feature Night

Date: February 3, 2018
Location: Festival Hall – 1215 10th Ave SE
Saturday, February 3, 2018 @ 8:30PM – 10:30PM (Doors at 8PM)
Tickets: $15 in advance at:
$20 at the door

On the feature night of the PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival, we explore the many facets of media arts, including audio, video, animation and the use of digital interfaces and landscapes. Be immersed in media arts with live audio-visual performances incorporating dance, radio frequencies and the weird deep web, or experience an interactive installation in the lobby that utilizes your body in the creation and destruction of a strange world. This is a night that showcases the ever-changing technological tools and processes, and the artists who utilize them in amazingly creative ways.

Kept Progession
Performance by Aran Wilkinson-Blanc & Sabrina Naz Comanescu (Calgary)

A deconstruction of the digital medium and its internal structure through the use of “glitching.” It is a break from the adhesion of a “faithful” representation of reality to form a new one, generated through the interaction of the content and the capture medium. Kept Progression begins as a film of the creation and rehearsal of a choreographed dance piece about human interactions. It then folds back into itself with the dynamic between subject, record and presentation, culminating with the live performance of the dance. It is about the interaction between form, the representation of that form and the part technology plays in it. Manipulating a passive means of presentation into an active generator of content, resulting in the creation of a pliable reality.

About the artists:

Aran Wilkinson Blanc is a New Media artist based in Calgary, and a graduate from the University of Calgary with a BFA in photography who has continued in that field, along with those of video, digital film, computer animation, graphic design, and sculpture. The high level of technological mediation inherent in those practices has also lead to the seeking out of collaborations with other artists and work on projects that incorporate different ideas and perspectives. An attempt to build on the creative opportunities technology affords us, without allowing those technologies to dictate the form or substance of the work, while at the same time exploring that relationship between people and their constructed interactions.

Sabrina Naz Comanescu is a dynamic member of the Calgary dance community through her work as an instructor, performer, choreographer and filmmaker. As a performer, Comanescu has worked with House of Dangerkat, The Bad Girls Club YYC, ILLFX Entertainment and currently dances with the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks professional company. She is also the current major force behind The Diversity Performing Arts Club of Calgary that “celebrates cultural diversity while promoting inclusion and respect for all,” and the founder and artistic director of Casa De Naz (CDN), established in 2012 to “excite and educate art hubs across Canada about the thriving Caribbean community in Calgary and the arts of the Caribbean as a whole.”

Radio Therapy
Performance by Martín Rodríguez (Montreal)

The fog of chemo and numbness of radiation. The brain surgery. Paralysis. The seizure that exposed it all. The sterile sounds of the hospital. One must find a way to heal.

Radio Therapy expresses these sentiments by transforming the brutal sounds of Rodriguez’s MRI into a meditation on the healing process of his recovery from a cancerous brain tumor, creating both a soothing and battling ambiance of recovery & remission.

Radio Therapy is produced by harnessing radio frequencies alongside a transmission of Rodriguez’s MRI brain scan through a transducer that is attached to a standalone guitar. The transducer forces the whole body of the guitar to vibrate. The resulting sound is a blend of musical notes, and scanned AM radio frequencies resonating through the body of the guitar and passing through a chain of manipulated sound effects.

The artist wishes to thanks the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for its support to this project.

Martín will also be teaching an Intro to Electromagnetics workshop on February 2 from 1-4PM, prior to his performance. For more information, go to:

About the artist:

Using unconventional performance techniques, Martín Rodríguez explores resonance in combination with transducers and his electric guitar to expose the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies that are found in the cracks of the radio spectrum, creating emotive soundscapes which are living, listening, and engaging in the present.

As the son of a Mexican immigrant and Polish-American, identity has always played a central role to Rodriguez’s artistic explorations. Projects such as Open La Puerta (2013) explore fragmented memories of his heritage; and after a surgery from a brain tumor left him temporarily paralyzed Rodríguez began exploring new ways to play his guitar as a copping mechanism that led to Radio Therapy (2015).

In addition to producing his own art Rodriguez has recorded 2 EPs with the microtonal psychedelic synth collective Chienvoler as well as explored free electronic hardware improvisation with his duo Data Slum. In addition, he is currently the Co-Director at Eastern Bloc where he oversees their Lab.

A live multi-channel video and musical performance by Craig Fahner and Matthew Waddell (Calgary)

Beyond the firewall a virtual paradise expands into the horizon. This place, known as DEEP WEBSITE is where lonely pleasures and infinite bandwidth merge. Links fornicate under a seductive laptop glow, drawing your gaze deeper into the endless cavity of kitty pics and 3D muscle bulge. The things you came looking for slowly dissolve as the hours pass and the mind softens. Fortunately browsing history vanishes once you resurface, leaving you with only a hazy memory of the foul clicks and regretful pixels that passed through your once innocent eyes.

About the artists:

Matthew Waddell is a digital artist and educator based in Calgary. He is fascinated by technology and the way it manipulates and impresses the human psyche. Since 2007 he has explored many paths of audiovisual creation and technological experimentation including sound and video design for theatre, interactive installation and architectural video mapping.

Craig Fahner is an artist and musician from Calgary, Alberta. His electronic, video and sound-based works reimagine electronic systems, generating experiences that reflect on the logistical underpinnings of everyday life. Fahner’s works have been shown in various exhibitions internationally, including the 8-11 gallery in Toronto, the 2017 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, and the Device Art Triennial in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2010, he received the Disney Memorial Pausch Fellowship to pursue graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where he received his MFA in 2013. He has been awarded project grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Fahner currently leads classes in Media Arts + Digital Technologies at the Alberta College of Art and Design and in the Art department at the University of Calgary.

An Interactive Installation by Mat Lindenberg (Calgary)

In ENTERFACE, your body is the interface for the creation and destruction of the world. There are rules. They don’t make any sense. There are guidelines. They are hidden. There is a reason. It will not be made apparent. Flail wildly like a baby turtle making its way to the ocean. How does it know the ocean is there? How does it know what is waiting for it? We’ve all seen the documentary. Pay no attention to the crowd around you. Pay attention only to the distance of your limbs, and the rhythm by which they confront and eclipse each other.

About the artist:

Mat Lindenberg is a digital artist interested in exploring simulations and systems to depict, fragment, subvert, and embody data, narrative, experience, and possibility. That sounds good but really he just wants to build an abstract little representation of the world and fill it full of little naked people screaming at each other. He graduated with a BFA from the Media Arts + Digital Technologies program at ACAD in 2015.

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