Camera Fundamentals: Sony PXW-Z150

Camera Fundamentals: Sony PXW-Z150

Instructor: Bryce Maruk
Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society
2005 10 Ave SW
Cost: Free!

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Sick of shooting video on your phone? Ever wanted to explore the world of 4K video? This FREE workshop will outline the features and workflow of the Sony PXW-Z150, an all-in-one camcorder capable of shooting 4K footage. With its integrated lens, the Z150 is a perfect solution for documentary, documentation, short film, and media art production. Participants will learn foundational knowledge regarding video cameras, shooting tips, and optimal menu settings to get up and running using this incredibly versatile camera. Come to EMMEDIA to participate in this FREE workshop and discover the best camera you’ve been missing out on!

About the instructor:

Bryce Maruk is a musician and video artist working under the name Orthicon. He has performed live video manipulations at Particle + Wave Festival, as well as the Sled Island Music & Arts Festival. As EMMEDIA’s Production Director, he is confronted every day by new possibilities of utilizing video production technology in an artistic framework.

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