An EMMEDIA Members Retrospective Exhibition
Exhibition runs: July 14 – August 26, 2017 (Tues-Sat 12-6PM, Closed August 5)
Opening Reception: July 14, 2017 @ 7-11PM

EMMEDIA has been a place where media arts lives for almost 40 years! Having recently moved into our new location with two new presentation spaces, we will be featuring work by past and current members and artists, showcasing the rich history of media arts at EMMEDIA. A group exhibition will be featuring prominent members of EMMEDIA who have laid the groundwork and foundation, alongside emerging media artists that will be shaping the future of EMMEDIA. A formal screening will be presented during the opening reception featuring works from the 1980s – present, with some produced right here at EMMEDIA. We end the night with live performances by prominent audio artists in our community. The exhibition runs until August 26 with the screening available for viewing on the digital screens at EMMEDIA. Come celebrate the media arts community in our new location!

Opening Reception Schedule:
Doors @ 7PM
Screening @ 7:30PM
Artist Q&A @ 8:30PM
Live Performances @ 9:30PM

PERFORMANCES BY (July 14 only):

Chris Dadge + Jonathan Wilcke

Chris Dadge, on drums, will be performing in his ongoing duo with saxophonist Jonathon Wilcke. Together, the two have been investigating free improvisation via the duo format since 2012, and recently performed and recorded with renowned guitarist Joe Morris. Their debut recording is scheduled for release later this year on Bug Incision Records. Both Chris and Jonathon performed at the 2015 PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival and Chris has hosted Bug Incision concerts at EMMEDIA.

Chris Dadge is a musician, composer, producer, and live performance organizer. As a drummer, his most visible role, he’s known for his work with artists such as Chad VanGaalen, Samantha Savage Smith, and Alvvays; he currently co-leads critically acclaimed psych-pop combo Lab Coast, whose latest full-length, Lab Coast, was recently released on Britain’s Faux Discx Records. Dadge has also appeared on dozens of recordings as a session drummer, spent three years as Theatre Junction’s resident composer, and has been been involved in various collaborations for internationally-shown dance pieces. Since 2004, he’s run Bug Incision, a concert series and record label specializing in various fringe musical genres, especially free improvisation. He’s issued just shy of 100 albums of music from all over the world, presented five years’ worth of monthly concerts, connecting with scores of likeminded musicians from all corners of Canada and beyond, and has collaborated with the likes of Eugene Chadbourne, Jack Wright, Mats Gustafsson, Peter Evans, John Oswald, and Eric Chenaux. He lives in Calgary, Alberta. For more info, go to http://www.bugincision.com/chrisdadge

Jonathon Wilcke is a saxophonist and composer whose musical involvement ranges through free improvisation, free jazz, jazz, noise, text-sound, poetry accompaniment, and rock.  He is also a writer and poetry scholar interested in the intersection between improvisation and writing in contemporary poetry. He lives in Calgary.

Whitney Ota + Nate Waters

Whitney Ota, synthesist and saxophonist Nate Waters will be collaborating together mixing composed and improvised elements for the first time as a duo. These two Calgary-based musicians have been orbiting one another for a number of years, but haven’t found a chance to collaborate together until now. Whitney Ota performed at the 2015 PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival, PARTICLE + WAVE 2.5, and has designed for EMMEDIA including the AlterNATIVE logo.

Whitney Ota (also of Burro, Dada Centauri, and Form), is one of Calgary’s most consistently rewarding performers working in the intersecting realms of noise, rock, kosmiche, and synth-heavy electronic music. This long-running vehicle has been releasing intriguing albums for the better part of a decade now, and witnessing Ota refine his solo vision has been treat both on record and live. His dense, detailed synth and electronic explorations as Yankee Yankee are a highlight of any bill he’s on. – Chris Dadge

Nate Waters is a multi-instrumentalist from Calgary, and has performed and recorded in a number of disparate musical iterations. He has contributed to the city’s musical fringe as half of the freely improvised Friesen/Waters Duo and as a part of the minimalist quartet Nobody Say Anything, while performing more conventionally with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the Prime Time Big Band. Earlier this year he released his first recorded foray into straight-ahead jazz, the Nate Waters Quartet’s Fact Contrafact EP. He has featured in pop groups such as Cable-Knits and Hunter-Gatherer, and recorded and appeared with Aleem Khan, Prepared, and Raleigh.


Symbiotic Symbiote
Tom Andriuk

Simbotic Symbiote is an installation playing with metaphors of science and the apparatus of visualization. A vertical phosphorescent structure, a display of the machine body stands upright filled with electronic parts. Within its belly a petri-dish contains a display of phantom images. They exist as a metaphor of the body’s organs – unfamiliar and foreign to the body’s senses – belonging to the unknown terrain of interiority. Simbotic Symbiote is an absurd zoology of monster science swimming in the spectrum of holographic realism.

Tom Andriuk is an intermedia artist who has developed a diverse range of work including installation, video, film, performance, new media, drawing and painting. He graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 1993 and in 2005 completed a MFA in Media Art at the University of Calgary. Themes in his work address issues of identity, technology and social behavior and vary from social satire to political commentary. Tom was a recipient of EMMEDIA’s scholarship program in 1992, served on EMMEDIA’s Board of Directors and was a former Artist-in-Residence.

Slug, Eating, August 26, 2013
Noel Bégin

Noel Bégin is a practical observationalist within the field of contemporary art, working spatially with objects, all manner of projected media, and performance. Noel has exhibited and/or curated installation, performance, and media art with the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival, Art Gallery of Calgary, the Glenbow Museum, Banff Centre, the Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival, the Art City Festival and Calgary area Artist-Run Centres including EMMEDIA. Noel has served on the board and committees of numerous artist-run centres in Calgary, and received the AMAAS – Spirit of Helen award in 2017 for outstanding contribution to the media arts community in Alberta.

Noel has been a producer member at EMMEDIA since the mid-nineties. He was Production Coordinator for about a year around 2000, sat on the Programming Committee for several years in the mid-2000s, teaches the occasional sound recording workshop, and sat on the Production Committee for roughly seventeen years. His work has been included in several EMMEDIA exhibitions over the years, including Jim Goertz’ Rasterized Phosphor screening, Art’s Birthday, and his own multi-projector work, Metalized Precipitation, Seven Billion Individual Diamonds of Untenable as part of the PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival. He was the first curator selected for EMMEDIA’s Homegrown Curatorial Program and was EMMEDIA’s EManimenteur in 2011. Noel and Carl Spencer have been working at setting up a good sounding edit suite in the new facility.


Refresh is a web browser located at a single computer station that cycles through content randomly every time F5 is pressed on the keyboard. Using the sometimes-obsessive action and desire for a fully loaded page and updated information, we wish to leave the viewer at the computer’s mercy. Though desiring new content, whether that will occur will depend on the computer, challenging the viewer to continue to refresh the browser with no promises. The process of refreshing the browser creates a viewer imposed loop. Cycles are reliable and can appear identical, but there are often subtle or major differences that move them from their banal experiences to something memorable. By showcasing cyclical concepts, banality becomes memorable and memorable becomes banal; the experience oscillating back and forth. When someone hits the refresh button, they are simultaneously progressing the loop and altering the cycle of the web browser. With the mere action of the pushing, and whether there is an intention of disrupting the stagnation of an unrefreshed page, the viewer is contributing to the overall loop. They become part of the refreshing cycle whether they are aware of it or not.

faxingmyfriends is Teresa Tam, Jadda Tsui and Sandrine Weltzin. Despite the advances in technology to communicate with others, what it means to receive information and to process it is still operating at different levels. Faxing requires two machines to be inline simultaneously in order for information to be exchanged, otherwise the sender’s fax would not go through. The process is slow and inefficient, but as the process takes time, what is communicated is a result of labour and consideration. As a trio, our process of making work is like a fax machine: slow and deliberate, but connected understandingly in a way that we receive and process the information.

Teresa Tam has been a member of EMMEDIA since 2011, being a recipient of the Production Access Scholarship in 2011. She has since exhibited in various exhibitions and festivals as part of the organization, such as PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival and Spectral Illuminations. She has been a member of the Programming Committee since 2013.

Sandrine Weltzin has shown work through EMMEDIA in the student show CONTAMINANT: A Digital Sugar Cubed Student Exhibition exhibited at U-Hall, TRUCK Contemporary Art in 2016. She has also shown work in EMMEDIA for the student show a feeling of excitement or mis(t)ery in 2016.

Jadda Tsui has most recently exhibited with EMMEDIA as part of the PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival in 2017, and has also taken part in the student exhibition CONTAMINANT in 2016.

Labyrinth Screen Saver – an infinite meditation that will save your Screens
Lowell Smith

The Labyrinth is a spiritual meditation tool used in many different religions and cultures OMG. This Labyrinth will rebuild itself while you are AFK. There is only one path towards the centre with the path circulating in and out from the edge towards the centre. The pathway can be used as a metaphor of the life we live YOLO, following the path gets us closer to the centre where our spirit and mind meet, lit AF. The Labyrinth is re-drawn again and again, each time growing in size and complexity, WTF? Things in life seem to build up on top of each other becoming more and more enormous until we break it down to a simple path we must follow, OMG FML.

Labyrinth Screen Saver evolved from work shown at EMMEDIA’s INFINITE LOOP in 2013 and sidewalkscreen.gif at Whippersnapper Gallery (Toronto).

Lowell Smith is an artist based in Calgary, Alberta. He received his BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design and a technical diploma in Electronics Engineering from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. Smith enjoys tinkering, building and hacking different types of digital software and electronic hardware. His individual practice utilizes technology to create work that tries to be smart but just ends up being funny and bizarre.

He has been a member of EMMEDIA for the last seven years and a part of EMMEDIA’s Programming Committee for the last five. He’s shown a number of works over the years with EMMEDIA in group shows and recently taught an electronics workshop to build Atari Punk synthesizers.

Sandra Vida

This project arises from aspects of Scottish family history, in the time period before the artist’s family moved to Canada (1908), and follows from research first undertaken during an artist residency in Glasgow in 1990. Vida’s great-grandmother and her sister were child workers in the Glasgow cotton mills, while her great-grandfather and his father before him worked in the shipyards there. The artist reflects on the hidden stories of the cotton industry – the exploitation of workers both in Britain and in the Americas –the labour that fuelled cotton’s production. The video installation asks viewers to consider the human consequences from the drive for progress and profit.

Sandra Vida’s work over the past three decades has included photo-based collage, performance, film, video and installation. In addition to her art practice, she is known for her involvement in Calgary’s artist-run centres and as an advocate for the arts. She is also known as an arts writer, and has facilitated a wide variety of creative projects. Sandra has been nominated twice for the Governor-General’s Visual and Media Arts Award, has received the EPCOR Established Arts award at the Mayor’s Luncheon for Business and the Arts, and was one of three finalists for Alberta’s first Marion Nicoll Visual Art award.

Sandra Vida has been a producing member of EMMEDIA for over 25 years, creating 18 media art works during that time and is currently working on the 19th. She has been a board member, a volunteer, an Artist-in-Residence twice, as well as acting as EMMEDIA’s EMAnimenteur; she is an enthusiastic supporter of EM and artist-run culture in Calgary.


Teabell Tolls
Colleen Kerr
1988, 17 min.

Niagara Falls is a metaphor for one woman’s deep and fearful connection to a boundless, wild life force that flows as an undercurrent through her being. Unacknowledged, unspoken, she buries her desires so they only emerge as the controlled stream of tea from a pot. She tries to live by romantic myths thinking they will help her understand who she is. She waits a lifetime, hoping for a sign. “Is tea time merely an old habit to measure the passage of months, days, hours? She has sat like this hundreds of times, awaiting the teabell’s toll.”

Born in Vancouver, BC, Colleen Kerr made her first video art work in 1984 after seeing Dara Birnbaum’s Technology/Transformation (1978) and Ian Murray’s Come On, Touch It (1983). In 1986, she was in the first cohort of EMMEDIA’s Scholarship Program. Colleen was one of the first women to contribute a consistent voice to EMMEDIA’s video production and reputation throughout Canada and internationally. For the next 12 years, Colleen was an active member of EM, producing over a dozen single channel videos and video installations. These works were largely performance–based, culminating in her Tableaux Vivants series (1997) which were one hour still performances recorded and projected in installation as paintings. Her works have been screened nationally and internationally, including the National Gallery of Canada (collection), the Glenbow Museum and MOMA.

In addition, she has made many collaborative video works with local and visiting artists. She and Nelson Henricks co-produced the award winning television series Camera Obscura in conjunction with EMMEDIA and Rogers Cable, which screened local video and film art.

Work and Love
Valerie LeBlanc & Daniel H. Dugas
1991, 3:20min.

Basic philosophies of life evolve and are defined through commonplace events. The mind wanders when a person gets up in the morning to go to work. If the work is of a solitary nature, that person has a lot of time to think. If there are co-workers involved, the kinds of conversations that people engage in the workplace, reveal a lot about personal value systems. People who don’t work out in the world must find ways to occupy their minds and even in what appears to be boring, mundane activity, philosophies develop. The business of performing everyday chores and errands are also settings for the development of the thought process. Part of the Slices of Life series (1990-1991), it is composed of five episodes: Work and Love; Roundabout; Headlines; Wish to Dream and Limits. It was produced at EMMEDIA in the old Stephen Avenue Mall location.

Inter-disciplinary artist and writer, Valerie LeBlanc has presented throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and more recently in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Kisii, Kenya. Personal and public aspects of the human condition; the issues that emerge in the bigger pictures of economy and environment are often the subjects rooted in her projects. Her works travel between videopoetry, fiction, performance, visual and written theory.

Daniel H. Dugas is an interdisciplinary artist. His practice includes video, photo, interactivity, audio, music, graphic design and writing and seeks to address social and political issues. He has participated in festivals and literary events, as well as exhibitions and performances internationally. His ninth book of poetry: L’esprit du temps / The Spirit of the Time was published in December 2015 through Éditions Prise de parole, Ontario, Canada.

Flash Fibres
Greg Marshall
1994, 15:43 min.

Tells a tale of two friends, Envy and Jealousy who become pitted against each other until their tangled web become suddenly unraveled. This experimental narrative explores aspects of storytelling through rivalry, suspense, surveillance, perception, and chaos. Produced through EMMEDIA’s Scholarship Program.

Greg Marshall is a media artist and freelance animator/visual effects artist from Calgary. He graduated as a Painting Major from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 1994 on the Dean’s List, where he explored media art and performance during the latter part of his studies. His work has been shown recently at media art festivals in Calgary, the US, and Germany. He was selected for an international video art group exhibit entitled Kernel Panic during the Antimatter Media Art showcase in Victoria in 2016. In 2017, he completed a 42 minute partly-animated documentary film entitled After Mars. It weaves personal accounts from veterans, civilians, and war letters to highlight some of the experiences, effects and traumas from World War II. His first documentary from 1998, a co-production with the Banff Centre for the Arts, also benefited from production assistance by EMMEDIA. It examined on a personal level Canada’s involvement in the cold war through NORAD. Greg served as a board director and treasurer for two years during the mid 1990s at EM’s 8th Avenue location. He came back into the EMMEDIA fold in 2012 with assistance from the organization which helped to produce the After Mars documentary. He continues to serve as a board member and treasurer since 2013.

Valerie LeBlanc & Daniel H. Dugas
2016, 2:39 min.

For this collaborative work, we have juxta-positioned texts to appear as graffiti on the hull of a boat. The left and right sides both speak to the challenges of forging a path through life. The audio, wind from the sea, speaks for everyone.

Left: Claiming authorship is witnessing your own visibility. – Valerie LeBlanc

Right: In order to see where we are, we put the lights on, but then we lose the stars. – Daniel H. Dugas

Surrounded by Lions
Lon Parker
2017, 15:11 min.

Vignettes from the short film TRENCH, originally screened during the inaugural PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival in 2012, and the images and sounds from the April 2016 ECHO award performance of Galerie Graf:DADA, come together as a summary of the multi-media art project Surrounded By Lions. Based on the life of fictional artist Alexander Graf, Surrounded by Lions incorporates video, visual art, poetry, narrative fiction and live performance.

Lon Parker has over 35 years experience in the arts and culture industry as an actor, director for both stage and video, writer, media/visual artist and video production specialist. His first affiliation with EMMEDIA was in 1988, renting a camera to incorporate pre-recorded and futuristic TV/PHONE video for the staging of Banana Republic at the 1988 Edmonton Fringe Festival. In the late 90’s he renewed his membership while working with Mount Royal University on a short documentary/promotional video for Shakespeare in the Park. He has been a producer member ever since, serving as President on the Board of Directors from 2001-2013.

In 2012, he presented his short video TRENCH, at the inaugural PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival, produced through EMMEDIA’s Production Access Program. In 2015, he was awarded the EMMEDIA ECHO Award in 2015 for outstanding contribution to EMMEDIA’s community, allowing him to produce and present Galerie Graf:DADA at EMMEDIA, completing the multi-media Surrounded By Lions project.

Aleatoric Garden
Aran Wilkinson-Blanc
2017, 4:38 min.

An unconventional tour of the garden utilizing Infrared film-making. The fusion of a simple subject with sophisticated means of capture. A little Dada for the technologically inclined.

Aran Wilkinson-Blanc is a New Media artist based in Calgary. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a BFA in photography and have continued in that field, along with those of video, digital film, computer animation, graphic design, and sculpture. The high level of technological mediation inherent in his practices has also lead him to seek out collaborations with other artists and work on projects that incorporate different ideas and perspectives. He attempts to build on the creative opportunities technology affords him, without allowing them to dictate the form or substance of his work, while at the same time exploring that relationship between people and their constructed interactions. He first joined EMMEDIA in 2004 on the insistence of a friend and have been involved with the organization ever since. He has produced two projects through EMMEDIA’s Production Access program, and has presented work at last year’s Spectral Illuminations and PARTICLE + WAVE 2.5.

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