A performance by Mathew Lindenberg & Jadda Tsui
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Photo booth: 6:30 – 8:00PM | Performance: 8:30PM
Three Sisters Royal Canadian Legion #3 Branch – 834 7 St, Canmore, AB
FREE with conference registration or $25 at the door
(Admission includes dinner, Spirit of Helen Award reception, and live performances.)

YOU ARE HERE is a live audio/visual performance, occupying a middle ground between digital puppet show, short film, and multimedia play. Audience members are invited to take their photographs in a booth before the show, their faces then placed like masks onto blank characters. Via modelled figures possessing their likenesses, viewers are introduced into an alternate dimension — quiet, flat, empty, unsettling disassociation constructed from the backdrops of dreams. A live narrative constructs several short stories, loosely paralleling visuals on the screen. The show will feature a mix of predefined content, improvisation, and opportunities for subversion.

About the artists:

Mathew Lindenberg is an artist interested in integrating systems and simulations with narrative to explore new ways of telling stories and reaching audiences. Whether his penchant for putting hapless AI characters into overwhelming situations came from a childhood spent shepherding ant colonies, or an unresolved ego-maniacal god complex, is still undetermined. He received his BFA from ACAD in 2014.

Jadda Tsui is a media artist working to explore various ways to communicate and generate investigations into how her perception of the world may or may not be similar to that of those around her. She is currently enrolled in undergraduate studies at the Alberta College of Art + Design.

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