Animovies! 2017

Presented by Calgary Animated Objects Society and EMMEDIA
Curated by Xstine Cook

March 18, 2017 @ 1PM
Royal Canadian Legion #1 Branch (Upstairs) - 116 7 Ave SE
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Explore the mad world of curious, dark, intriguing, and hilarious puppet and stop-motion films from around the world.

About the curator:

Xstine Cook is a self-taught award-winning filmmaker. She also leads Calgary Animated Objects Society’s artist-in-residence programs, which include Identity Mask Making and Storytelling through Media Art.

The Owl and the Lemming
Roselyn Akulukjuk
2016, 3:35 min.

The oral history of Inuit is filled with many folktales, legends, and myths. In this traditional story, a young owl catches a lemming to eat. Inuit stories are often instructive, and with this fable, children quickly learn the value of being clever and humble, and why pride and arrogance are to be avoided.

This short puppet film utilizes composited photographs and a set made with actual Arctic plants and lichen to create an authentic retelling of this ancient Arctic fable. This short film provides a glimpse of traditional Inuit values and beliefs.

About Roselyn Akulukjuk:

Roselynn Akulukjuk was raised in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. In 2012, Roselynn moved to Toronto to pursue a career in film and attended the Toronto Film School, where she fell in love with being behind the camera. After her studies, Roselynn returned home to Nunavut, where she began working with Taqqut Productions, an Inuit-owned production company located in the capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit. Part of Roselynn’s love of filmmaking is the ability to interview elders, listen to their traditional stories, and share them with the world.

by Heather D. Freeman
2016, 3:40 min.

Artemis is a polytheistic consideration of what happens when a car hits a deer.  Artemis, Apollo, and the Ghost of Elvis all appear in this incident that repeats itself over a million times a year on American roads and highways.

About Heather D. Freeman:

Heather D. Freeman (b. 1974) is Associate Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she has taught digital media, including animation, since 2006. She is Co-Director of the College of Art and Architecture’s Digital Arts Center (d-Arts). Through the lens of motherhood, Freeman investigates the language and symbolic forms of myth and where these intersect with iconographies of science and popular culture.

Knit in Motion
Maureen Hilton
2016, 1:29 min.

Knitted pieces come to life, first as singular moving shapes, then growing and evolving into a complex, colorful entity.

About Maureen Hilton:

Maureen Hilton graduated in 2016 from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with a Bachelors of Fine Arts focused in animation and printmaking. She also graduated in 2016 from Tufts University with a Bachelors of Science in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Her animations explore the possibilities of combining different techniques such as knitting and printmaking, and bringing them to life through stop-motion. She currently lives in Pennsylvania, USA working as a freelance animator.

Lilly’s Big Day
The Bum Family
2014, 4:30 min.

Lilly, a 10-foot tall orange monster, steps out for a special day at Wilma’s Super Salon. Patrons gasp and stylists glitch as the affable giant bumbles her way through a beauty ritual like no other.

Created during a 48 hour animation challenge by The Bum Family, this group of cousins use cut outs and children’s logic to create an odd and hilarious story.

About The Bum Family:

The Bum Family are a group of Calgarian cousins, Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie (ages 13, 11 and 9), and Berlin, Ocean and Sol Demuth (ages 13, 10 and 6) who create anarchy, hilarity and art.

Known for their cut-out animated films Lilly Gets a PetLilly’s Big DayFriendshipWhen I Met Dottie and The Birthday, The Bum Family’s films have screened at more than 100 festivals, and have won awards for “Audience Favourite” and “Best Animation”. Festival screenings include CIFF, POW Fest, Cine Las Americas,  Dawson City Short Film Festival,  Gallery of Alberta Media Arts (GAMA),  Atlantic Film Festival,  Da Vinci Days, Prairie Tales, Williamsburg, Naperville, River’s Edge Film Festival and others. The Bum Family have just completed S is for Storytelling, an animated short for Sesame Street.

Embracing Calgary’s wonderful independent film scene, the Bum Family won a spectacular trophy and cash from Janison Short Sharp Film Festival with their first film Tar Sand Pudding (made through EMMEDIA‘s Compression Camp), and they’ve been winning awards ever since.

The Bum Family created Beeg Feesh, an installation and performance using recycled materials to address the plight of pollution in the oceans, installed in house 807 for Wreck City. Wreck City was a community based art experiment in Calgary that saw 100 artists transform 9 homes slated for demolition into creative masterpieces in April 2013. Wreck City and The Bum Family’s installation was viewed by over 10,000 people.

The Itching
Dianne Bellino
2016, 15:06 min.

The Itching is a 2016 clay animation film short, written and directed by Dianne Bellino and animated by Adam Davies. The film follows a shy wolf who attends a dance party thrown by a group of hip, freewheeling bunnies. Though the wolf longs to connect with the exotic strangers, anxiety overwhelms her, and she descends into obsessive itching. An intensely visceral film, warm-hearted and disturbing, The Itching investigates our primal longing for connection and reveals the vulnerability, anxiety, and ambivalence embedded there.

About Dianne Bellino:

Dianne Bellino is a writer/director of live action and animated films. Her latest short film, The Itching, a collaboration with animator Adam Davies, screened at Sundance and AFI, winning awards at numerous other festivals including Sarasota and Nashville. Dianne’s previous short films have screened at festivals including SXSW, on Netflix and Fandor, and are available on DVD through The Journal of Short Film and Drag City. Her work has been supported by grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and the Boomerang Fund for the Arts, and artist residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, and the Ucross Foundation. Originally from Rhode Island, Dianne lives in New York City.

Skateboarding Pants
Colton Willier
2015, 1:15 min.

A pair of pants rages through town, on a skateboard.

This stop-motion cut-out animated video was made on an iPad by Colton Willier, a grade 2 student. He made it with his best friend, Ethan Aspeslet-Asels, and their moms during Quickdraw Animation Society’s 48 hour Animation Lockdown.

About Colton Willier:

Colton is a 7 year-old Cree & Blackfoot First Nations artist. Colton wrote, directed, and animated Skateboarding Pants when he was 6 years old, and created the soundtrack music with his mom, Amy Willier. Being raised in Moonstone Creation, a Calgary gallery owned by his Kokum (grandmother) and mother, Colton has literally grown up surrounded by Native contemporary and traditional art.

Colton is always drawing, and makes animated movies in his spare time using Lego, clay, drawings, or toys. Colton created Skateboarding Pants at Quickdraw Animation Society, on a scholarship from Calgary Animated Objects Society. He recently learned how to do cool graphics and editing on the computer, and took a Lego Animation course. He loves writing, directing, and animating, and is learning to edit as well.

Making films is Colton’s dream. He is planning to take acting classes after the school Christmas musical, and has been growing his hair out into a long traditional braid with the hope it will help him land a role in Calgary’s film and TV scene.

I Could Eat A Horse
Jake Hovell
2015, 4:30 min.

An incompetent student’s desperate quest for sustenance as he explores his filthy shared house, which leads to a brutal and life changing dilemma. Inspired by horrific experiences with shared student accommodation!

About Jake Hovell:

Jake is an extremely passionate stop motion animator from London (England). He studied Animation at The University of South Wales and interned on Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, CBBC’s Rastamouse and Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep.
In addition, Jake was an animation assistant on the Oscar nominated, animated short Head Over Heels, an assistant rod puppeteer on BBC’s BAFTA nominated TV show Strange Hill High, animated on UK Channel 5’s Toby’s Travelling Circus and he has produced independent animations for Innocent Drinks, Lloyds Bank and the UK Arts Council. Jake also worked on a psychedelic claymation music video for a band called Radkey, that got voted Rolling Stone Magazine’s “4th Best Music Video of 2015”. He is currently working on puppets for his next stop motion series pilot.

Kristina Troske
2015, 2:40 min.

Afraid to go out into the world, Blue creates masks to hide behind. After a brief outing, Blue retreats, possibly for good.

About Kristina Troske:

Kristina Troske began a serious love affair with puppetry several years back after attending workshops with Toronto’s Puppet Mongers and Calgary’s Old Trout Puppet Workshop. She is currently completing a D. E. S. S. (dipôme d’études supérieures spécialisées) in contemporary puppetry at UQAM in Montreal. This is her first film.

Lilly Gets a Pet
The Bum Family
2015, 5:15 min.

Lilly, a giant orange monster, undertakes an epic adventure in search of a true friend, in a pet shop. Lilly’s escapades get her kicked out, but not before falling in love with the adorable Fluffle. How will Lilly reunite with the Fluffle without getting caught? Created during a 48 hour animation challenge.

Haiku 9: Trade
Lyle Pisio
2016, 4:17 min.

In a twist on the old ‘sell your soul to the devil’ gag, Andrewis offered his heart’s desire for a bit of his youth, as the terms are clarified he must decide whether the steepening price is worth the lasting consequences for his passing fancy. As it turns out, the devil is no longer only interested in souls, but he’s definitely still living in the details…

About Lyle Pisio:

Lyle Pisio is a Calgary based artist, musician and animator. A founding member of the free-improvisational bands Street of Crocodiles and tokyosexwhale, Lyle has been making films and animation since 2000. His films have been screened worldwide in over 100 festivals and have received several awards for animation, music, and artistic design. His films include: The Unholy (2004), Another lost Soul (2006), Visages (2008), The Empress (2009), and Wrecking Ball (2010). His most recent project is a series of ten short, collaborative animations entitled Haiku.

Lilly Hits the Road
The Bum Family
2016, 4:51 min.

Lilly, a 10 foot tall orange monster, and her adorable friend Fluffle are abducted by aliens. An epic adventure ensues as they encounter trains, space ships, hitchhikers and even a Yeti as they try desperately to return home in the nick of time. Created during a 48 hour animation challenge.

The Date
Svet Doytchinoff
2015, 9:10 min.

Conspiracy theorists are wrong.
Extraterrestrials are not AMONG us.
They are ON us. They are… hair.

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