AlterNATIVE: Indigenous Media Arts

AlterNATIVE: Indigenous Media Arts
As part of Alberta Culture Days
Friday, September 30, 2016
EMMEDIA Screening Room
Featuring: Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter, Kes Lefthand, Dan McCartney, Jeanette Many Guns, April Powderface and Amber Twoyoungmen

EMMEDIA is hosting a week-long intensive camp for Indigenous artists from Alberta, to create work under the mentorship of established Indigenous media artist Terrance Houle. Participants hve full access to EMMEDIA’s production equipment and facilities, along with the mentor, in the development, creation and execution of an experimental media artwork or performance that will culminate into an exciting and inspiring presentation during Alberta Culture Days.

About Terrance Houle:

Born in Calgary, Terrance Houle is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary media artist and a proud member of the Kainai Nation (Blood Tribe). His involvement with Aboriginal communities has brought him to Reservations throughout North America participating in Powwow dancing and Native ceremonies. Houle makes use of performance, photography, video & film, music and painting in his work. For more information, go to:

About Alberta Culture Days:

Alberta Culture Days is about discovering, experiencing and celebrating our unique blend of peoples and passions, and the importance of culture to a healthy and vibrant province. To learn more, visit:


If you can’t remember, then it must not be important.

In my previous projects I have used the image of the ghost in drawings and photographs, and this video is a continuation of my use of the ghost. In this iteration the ghost is seen in live action, though it’s purpose remains the same; it is a proxy to speak to, visualize and come to terms with the diaspora I feel about growing up away from my culture.

About Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter:

Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter is an Inuk that was born in Yellowknife but raised in Edmonton. She attended Grant MacEwan University, receiving a diploma in Fine Art. She transferred to the Alberta College of Art and Design and graduated from the Drawing department in 2016. Nasogaluak Carpenter makes art because it allows her to express her feelings about being sad, experiencing social anxiety, having depression, and being uncomfortable most of the time. Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter makes art because she likes to know that she’s not alone. She wants you to laugh, but also wants you to be concerned.

Toby & Clarence

Clarence has gone to find Stumpy, the man who stole a necklace from his mother’s jewellery box. Now Clarence must bring it back before his mother finds out. Will Stumpy cooperate and give the necklace back? Or does Clarence need to take it by force?

About Kes Lefthand:

Kes has become involved with filming since 2012. He has been in various projects that includes filming, directing and acting. He has been doing 2D and 3D animations as a hobby as well as 3D modelling and composing for projects.

Mothering Myself (My Womb Pains)

Dan completes his weekly routine of injecting testosterone. He is two years into hormone treatment, and is no longer compared to his biological mother (as he looked very much like her) as he was pre-transition. He considers his maternal side an echo. With testosterone in his system, Dan is advised to go under a hysterectomy, rendering him infertile. The growing pains due to transitioning  is eerily similar to the search for maternal family members and answers. As a two spirit person navigating post colonial trauma, Dan sifts through questions of blood memory and blood lineage.

About Dan McCartney:

Dan McCartney is a recent ACAD graduate, with a major in Drawing. His maternal family is from Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, but he was raised in Fort McMurray. His maternal blood lines are a proud mix of Cree, Chipewyan (Suline Dene), and Metis. As a two spirit/transmasculine person, Dan uses the pronouns he/him/his.

A Story of the Blackfoot Prairie Chicken Dance

The creation of the Blackfoot Prairie Chicken Dance is a very vivid and powerful story told by a Blackfoot Elder in the 1960s, which was told by his ancestors, since stories and legends of the Blackfoot people are passed on from generations to generations as way of preserving its stories and legends. Choosing to portray and perserve this Blackfoot legend is important today as it was practiced many generations ago.

About Jeanette Many Guns:

Jeanette Many Guns is a Blackfoot who resides on the Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation. She grew up with her great grandmother who was very active in the Blackfoot traditional ceremonial Sundances and is fluent in the Blackfoot language. Jeanette is a Blackfoot historian and proud of her culture, religion, language and history. She is also an entrepreneur, actively trail rides, interpreting the Blackfoot history, and a beginner in film making.

Dogs on the Rez

This video is about dogs on the reserve, how loyal they are to their owners and how they can be your best friend.

About April Powderface:

April Powderface lives in Morley, Alberta. She helps out her friends whenever they make a film, helping with lighting and audio needs.


What goes on in the mind of a person? Stress, thoughts, deadlines, family, friends… Sometimes we can’t control our thoughts which makes things hard to understand.

About Amber Twoyoungmen:

Amber Twoyoungmen is an inspiring young woman who is driven to celebrate her community though film and the arts. One of the first members of the Nakoda A/V Club, she has created three of her own short films, and collaborated on many projects. She dreams of attending film school, and has worked her way through various film education programs near her Morley, Alberta home.

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