Doppelganger + TEMPLE

Doppelganger + TEMPLE
Live performances by Tasman Richardson
Presented with Sled Island Visual Art + Theatre Junction GRAND

Saturday, June 25, 2016 @ 6PM (Doors at 5PM)
Theatre Junction GRAND – 608 1 St SW

Tickets: $25 (Includes performances by Dawn of Midi, Circuit des Yeux and artist Jeneen Frei Njootli)
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Sled Island Passholders get in FREE (Subject to capacity)

About Doppelganger:

A live dual projection performance using manually warped time markers in addition to regular cuts, it induces a sensation of doubt and deception, through manipulations in temporal continuity. Sources evolve from mirror reflections in cinema to recording errors in VHS, to complete signal failure and pulsing erratic noise, each layer rending the veils of simulation.


The performer has replaced the shaman/priest, and the screen/sound has replaced the performer. Pulling from the cultural dictionary of cinematic micro phrases to deliver a ceremonial edit of sigils and signs. In this post-faith, post-flesh world, our spectacular séance will weave recorded media (aka the power of the dead) into a spastic orgy of cut ups.

About Tasman Richardson:

Tasman Richardson’s practice ranges from live performances to immersive installations but most often, it takes the form of electronic collage through a process he established in 1996 known as JAWA. Musical compositions and visual narratives are created entirely through edited appropriated video clips. What you see, is what you hear. His recent exhibitions include his large scale, solo installation of Necropolis at Karsh-Masson, Ottawa (2015), his live performance of Timelords at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto (2015), and his solo installation Sphere of Influence, Circle of Protection at Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto (2015). For more info, go to:

Tasman will also be teaching a JAWA Editing Workshop during Sled Island. For more info, go to:


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